3 Fatal Mistakes Committed By Internet Marketers When Writing Web Content

By | 2011/04/02

The copy you publish on your site is the most pivotal element that ensures your visitors are engaged and interested in your content. Although copywriting is a specialist field on its own, buy cialis you do not need to study toward a degree to churn out web copy that is effective.

There are certain basic errors that online marketers commit when writing web copy and these mistakes can be described as “fatal sins” because they are completely improper. In this article I will enlighten you on these errors and I will provide the necessary knowledge to help you steer clear of unacceptable copywriting practices.

It’s Not All About You

A common mistake made by many web content writers is misdirected copy. Instead of speaking to the reader many writers write in the first person by using words like “me”, “myself”, and “I”. This is a fatal error and somewhat selfish in my humble opinion! This approach destroys any hope of you connecting with your reader and can indirectly cause your website visitor to feel detached.

Your web copy has the power to draw a visitor in, mesmerize them, and it can even evoke intense emotion within your reader if it is done right. Writing in the second person by using words like “you” and “your” is the first step to creating a relationship with your reader through your content.

Over-Hyped Sales Copy

A few years ago online buyers where easily taken in by hype and conspicuous sales copy. But the sane “once bitten, twice shy” certainly runs true with regard to current online buying behaviour. Online customers have grown wary and are extremely tentative when they encounter sales copy that is over hyped. This type of copy is like a door-to-door insurance salesman that can’t take no for an answer – it becomes annoying to the reader.

Instead of following the former approach you should rather focus on providing an informative and detailed review of the product you are selling. Point out the features of the product, the positives as well as the negative aspects. Be subtle in your praise and unbiased in your overall review. And most importantly – use the product before you actually review it.

Web Copy That Spreads Misinformation

Authority is a significant determining factor in turning a visitor into a buyer. The knowledge you share in your copy can heavily influence the buying decision and one way to completely destroy your authority on any subject matter is by spreading myths and misinformation. For instance: if you want to establish yourself as an authority figure in the SEO software niche, you will need to ensure every product you promote, every article you write, and every newsletter you send out is thoroughly researched and your web copy contains information that is factual.

To elaborate further: lets say you are trying to sell some type of spinning software, and you use duplicate content penalties as your basis for promoting the product in your web copy then you are opening yourself up to be lambasted. The reason being, there are many myths that revolve around duplicate content and even a newbie will be able to separate truth from lie on the subject matter.

If you commit any of these “fatal mistakes” you will be doing yourself an incredible disfavour. Always ensure you speak to your reader directly, you avoid conspicuous sales copy, and you cross check every letter that you publish on your site. By doing this you will evade the judgement of a buyer who is turned-off because you committed one of these fatal sins.

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4 thoughts on “3 Fatal Mistakes Committed By Internet Marketers When Writing Web Content

  1. Henway

    Great point about writing content that doesn’t focus on the customer. Noone really wants to hear about how cool or unique your site or service is. They just want to know how it’ll improve their life or solve their problem.

    1. reputation manager

      that is why researching is needed! you have to write an article in such a style that will do multiple tasks: good SEO, interesting and answering the needs of the readers. this is not an easy task. that is kinda art, and you have both to read and to write a lot EACH day if you want to reach the best results possible.

  2. Karen James

    I certainly agree with your second point. There are too many sites that concentrate on the sale rather than providing a balanced viewpoint that allows the reader to make up his or her own mind.


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