First, Become The CEO Of Your Own Life

By | 2010/09/13

All entrepreneurs aspire to become CEOs running their own companies with hundreds of employees under them. Its a great dream and it is indeed worth going after. Especially in this economy that is becoming more and more entrepreneur-friendly. We saw how the recession caused the mushrooming of so many entrepreneurs who otherwise would not have explored the entrepreneurial side in them. Being forced into the situation of no income made them think of new ways to earn money.

But before you go ahead and become a CEO for a company, first, become the CEO of your life. Life is much more complex than running a company.

The man who cannot lead himself cannot lead others.

Bef0re you start to think of yourself becoming an entrepreneur who is managing a company. You need to ask yourself the question: Can you manage yourself?

You first need to take stock of yourself. Live an organized life that allows you to take the maximum productivity out of yourself. Just like you would do a SWOT analysis of your business in the business plan, you need to do a SWOT analysis of your own life. For those of you who are unaware of what SWOT means, SWOT- Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats. Basically, if as a person you know what your weaknesses and strengths are then you can begin to work on them. You could get into a business that uses less of your weak points and optimizes on your strengths.

It is quite true that once you enter into business, your relations with loved one’s begin to suffer. You may start having health problems. Getting into vices like drinking and smoking is also observed. This is all because of the hectic and stressful life that many entrepreneurs have.

Time management is another factor. You need to be the master of your time. Procrastinating and delaying things for the last minute is not a good personality. If you want to be someone eminent then you should learn to respect time.

For this reason, it is important that you are prepared at your best so that getting into business does not damage your life. If your life is damaged then your business will automatically never take off to its full potential. So first take charge of yourself and then you will find that half the work for becoming a CEO is over.

3 thoughts on “First, Become The CEO Of Your Own Life

  1. Mia

    The CEO job comes with a lot of responsibilities, and this means that apart from taking care of yourself you have to take care of others too. So, I say that first we need to be the best experts that we can in our field and then to lead other people.

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