Meet Flickr Co-Founder: Caterina Fake

By | 2010/11/16

Caterina Fake is among the top female internet entrepreneurs today. This article is an entrepreneur profile about Flickr Co-Founder Caterina Fake. Caterina Fake co-founded Flickr with partner Stewart Butterfield. I am sure most of you know what Flickr is! But for those of you who don’t know about it, Flickr is a popular image hosting and sharing site where people upload and share photographs. It was acquired by Yahoo in 2005. Flickr is currently the best photo management and sharing application in the world.

Caterina Fake

Caterina Fake

Entrepreneur Profile:Caterina Fake

Industry: Internet Industry


  • Co-founder of
  • Fake is the co-founder of Hunch, a site that is building the “taste graph” of the internet
  • Board of Directors at Creative Commons
  • Chairman of the Board of Etsy

Education: Caterina Fake graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall, attended Smith College, and graduated from Vassar College in 1991.

Recognition: In 2006, she was named to the Time 100, Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people.

Current Occupation: Curently, Caterine Fake is a Founder Partner at Founder Collective, and advises many startups and new businesses.

For those of you who still have not got the hang of her surname yes, – “Fake” is her real name. It was anglicized from the German, “Feick” in the 1500s. Fake acquired its present meaning only in the 19th century.

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  2. Jasmine

    Are you telling me this story is fake? Oh… haha, now I get it, it’s the co-founder’s name! 😉


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