Gizmodo Advertisements Launch Scareware on Internet

By | 2009/10/28
Gizmodo Logo

Gizmodo Logo

The popular technology blog Gizmodo has ended up landing its techno-geek visitors in a grave internet security threat.

Gizmodo is a blog that updates on the latest must-have gadgets on the scene. It is extremely popular with more than 3.1 million page views per day.

It seems that one of the advertisements delivered on the sidebar of this blog were in fact Malware. The hackers presented themselves as valid representatives of Suzuki in order to purchase ads on this popular blog.

Gizmodo website has released an official apology. They admit that it was tricked into running Suzuki adverts.

What is Scareware? Why should I be worried about it?

Scareware attempts to convince users that their computer is infected with viruses and trojans, medical and tricks them into downloading “remedies” which are harmful and can be used by criminals to get at information such as credit card details.

Symantec Security Corp. has stated that more than 40 million people have fallen victim to scareware scams in the past 12 months.

This heist pulled off by the hackers will ensure that the clicks on the ad purchased by other legitimate advertisers go down drastically. Due to fear of malware. It will affect other advertisers on Gizmodo and other ad rates on other tech blogs adversely.

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