Google and it’s April Fools Day Prank

By | 2010/04/01

Google did a pretty interesting April Fools Day  prank today. Google stated in its official blog that the mayor of a city named Topeka, Kansas had changed the name of the city to ‘Google’. And Google stated that in order to return the “moving” gesture Google had changed its name to Topeka.

Google is Now Topeka

“Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google Topeka also wrote that the decision was reached after a lot of thought with all the brand value attached to the previous name.”

Google also stated in the post that they were in a co-venture with Richard Branson’s Virgin named Project Vireka (Virgin+Topeka) to start a human colony on Mars. LOL!

Anyways, most netizens were very much aware that Google was trying to pull an April Fools prank on them as most of them were in fact, very curious on how Google would try and fool them. In the end, the final prank was very humorous and many people enjoyed it.

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