Google in an Insane Shopping Spree at Mountain View

By | 2009/11/29


Google is obsessed with Advertising start-ups. It has been taking over start-ups faster than a croc snapping its prey.Take a look at the take overs by Google in the last month:

Teracent Display Advertising Start-Up

A week back Google brought display advertising technology start-up Teracent. Display ads are different from text ads (which are content related), no rx display ads are banner ads that are often used as branding tools by corporations.

The speciality of Teracent ad technology is that it customizes graphic advertisements based on who is watching them. These ads modify themselves according to the time of the day of the viewer and also the pre-dominant language. It is like a whole new level of advertising.

Google has not mentioned the money involved in the Teracent deal but Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said this summer that display advertising is likely to be “the next billion dollar business” at Google.

AdMob Mobile Advertising Start-up

Google brought out AdMob with a click of its fingers for $750 million in stocks. AdMob is one of the top sellers of banner ads on iPhone applications and Web pages that can be retrieved from mobile phones. Mobile phone advertising is small but rapidly evolving online business. Google seems to be smart enough to take a early dive in to accrue the early-bird advantage.

DoubleClick Acquisition

Microsoft and Google fought for acquiring DoubleClick like business rivals in mafia movies. Anyways, viagra 100mg I doubt if anyone was abducted or murdered. In the end, viagra Google God managed to snap DoubleClick for $3.1 billion (shocked? “Hah, its just pocket change babe!” – Google).

DoubleClick is also a jumpstart for Google in its display advertising business (like Teracent).

What does this mean to small scale advertisers like us?

Essentially, the small-time advertiser or business can now buy targeted display ads on thousands of DoubleClick ad-serving websites. Currently, Yahoo holds 14% of the Display ad network and Google only 2%. This will mean that advertisers will get highly targeted ad spots to market themselves. Implying they will pay more to Google, which in turn makes Google richer.

So lets see if Google acquirement spree will make blogging more profitable for us.

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  1. Vivek Post author

    Yes. Even I am watching out for CPM earnings that are achievable through Display ads.


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