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CollegeFallOut is now open for articles from you. This page is for those who want to see their articles published on this blog. We believe that as a community, it is important that everyone contributes to it. Guest blogging has emerged as one of the tools which is mutually beneficial for both: the person contributing and the blog contributed to. You might be interested to read our post: The 10 Benefits of Guest Blogging, which explains the same with greater insights.

Before you get started

But, before you get started just keep these things in mind. All articles you submit must be in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurship/Startups
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Motivation
  • Blogging

How to submit your post?

  1. Prepare your guest post
  2. Submit your guest post via the form provided below
  3. Don’t forget to provide your author bio at the end of the article you submit
  4. You can add two links in your author bio
  5. Your email ID should have a personal Gravatar associated with it (very important!)

Use this form to submit your guest post

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Title of your guest post

Your Guest Post

What happens after you submit your guest post?

  1. After you press the “submit guest post for review” button, it will land in our inbox
  2. We will go through it, see if its original. Then check for quality and give it a green signal
  3. Then we login and publish your guest post on our blog with your author bio (with links you provided)
  4. We always notify the person, the minute his/her article is published
  5. Both, us and you, feel awesome!

Additional resources

Note: All articles once published, become the property of and must not be replicated/published elsewhere. 


  1. Thanks for this awesome opportunity, I should get back to you with my article as a guest blogger, pretty soon!

  2. ur website is too informative
    but it rox!!!!

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