Have You Run Out of Ideas for Blog Posts ?

By | 2009/12/13

The blinking cursor on the blank screen can be a nightmare for most bloggers. They struggle to come up with topics to write for their blog. It is a mind block which forces them to waste a lot of time thinking of topics on which they can write about on their blog.

Here are some ways in which you can come up with ideas to write on your blog:

Your Need: The first place where you need to look is within yourself. Is there a post that you would like to read? I am sure that there must be something that you wanted to know about in your niche, sick and then if you yourself answer to that question after a research then you have come up with an idea for a great original post. That is not only helping you but helping many other bloggers who have the same doubts as yours.

Trending Topics: You can check out the Trending Topics column on Twitter. That is indicative of what the latest buzz on the internet is. If you are smart you can get a trending topic to become a nice keyword for new post and then write an article on it. Then not only have you got an idea for a post but now you can also be sure about readers for that post.

Blog Subscription Emails: It is always a good idea if you have subscribed to email updates from other blogs of your own niche. Then when they post their articles you can get ideas for your new articles. It need not be on the same topic, viagra your post can explore a different angle of the same topic. This is what most internet-savvy bloggers do for ideas on what to write.

Google News: You can subscribe to updates on all the latest news. You can edit settings such that only news for a particular keyword(s) be sent to your email. The keywords can be something to relate to your niche. This way whenever there is news on the internet about something related to your niche, prescription you can be notified Google. You can adjust it to be sent weekly, daily or hourly – depending on your need.

These are some ways that many bloggers come up with great topics to write about on their blog. Hope you to will implement them to write even more interesting posts on your blog.

Do you use any more ways to come up with topics? Let me know below.

9 thoughts on “Have You Run Out of Ideas for Blog Posts ?

  1. Darni

    It is easier to write a post when you don’t force yourself to do so.At the begining when I started my blog,I made a plan that I shall write one post a day.But soon I found that I had nothing to write.So I gave myself a little break.Sometimes the inspiration just flow to my mind itself.Now I never force myself to write something.I just write when I want to. 🙂

  2. IndianCashMaker

    my own need is something that can be surely changes into words…it will make a great post
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..5 Important Things for a Part Time Serious Blogger =-.

    1. Vivek Post author

      @ICM thanks for your comment!

      @Sushant yeah, thats true as tech blog hardly run out of topics.

  3. Vivek Post author

    Yea, that seems to be the best way to get ideas!

  4. Sandesh Mascarenhas

    My blog is techno based so I do not run out of idea’s………………. 🙂

  5. Sariyanta Made

    Thanks Vivek, you give me new idea for a blog post now. I often end up sitting in front of my pc and think about something to write, when i got nothing… i play game and i forgot that i’ve got to do something. Time passed away and i still do nothing.
    I really like your first idea or methode…. to look within ourself… Thanks Again


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