How Can an Entrepreneur Fight the Fear of Failure?

By | 2010/03/21

If you have you learned to ride a bicycle I am sure that you know falling down a few times is inevitable. But do you desist from learning cycling? Seasoned professional bicyclists who race once learned to ride bicycles by falling many-many times. So why is it that when we think about business and when we see the slightest hint of failure we tend to back off?

Many of you must have read and digested many blogs articles which talk on failure and how they should be taken in a positive manner. CollegeFallOut is avoiding all the preaching that you will definitely get in other blogs/websites.

Infact I would want you to ponder over the following points:

  • Ever known a star soccer player who hasn’t disappointed once? To be frank, they disappoint a lot of times. When they perform, they perform big and when they disappoint it is a spectacular failure (Remember the David Beckham penalty miss in Euro ’07?).
  • “Remember Pearl Harbor” became a rallying cry for Americans who were defeated temporarily by the Japanese. United States soon emerged as a World super-power.
  • Do you really think millionaires never lost their money on their journey to become wealthy? Be smart and give a thought.

Life of an entrepreneur is exciting. So why don’t you live an exciting life? When you achieve something make it a big win and when you lose or fail, people should take note, the failure should be Spectacular. Soon you will see the glamorous side of failure and find that your success is just a few steps away. With each failure you begin to rid yourself of fears that hide in the dark corners of your mind. You mind will work without boundaries and with complete humility. These traits you will find are the ingredients for success.

It is important that you take a chance of failure and work with an open mind. Play to win and do not play to avoid failure.

6 thoughts on “How Can an Entrepreneur Fight the Fear of Failure?

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  2. LD Klippert

    Great post! I think the fear of failure is one of the number one reasons that hold individuals back from success. We need to realize there will be some failure but as you ended your post is a great quote “Play to win and do not play to avoid failure.”

    To your success,



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