How Can An Entrepreneur Overcome Mediocrity?

By | 2011/01/20

It is frustrating for entrepreneurs to remain mediocre in their fields. With competition in the business world on an over-drive and with more and more players in every industry, it has become important to be excellent and stand out. The reason for mediocrity in most people is that they are lazy or too unmotivated to give in extra work. In this post, I have discussed how an entrepreneur can overcome mediocrity.

What is Mediocrity?

Wiktionary defines mediocrity as: “The quality of being intermediate between two extremes; a mean; A middle course of action; moderation, balance; The condition of being mediocre; having only an average degree of quality, skills etc.; no better than standard; An individual with mediocre abilities or achievements”

The above definition is more or less what mediocre really means. More simply put, mediocre is  anything of medium quality. Or anything that is not special, exceptional, or great.

Is It Wrong To Be Mediocre?

There is a heated debate that rages on – “What is wrong in being mediocre?” Well frankly, there is nothing really wrong with being mediocre, except the fact that being mediocre can only take you that far in life. If you want to do anything exceptional then you have to defeat mediocrity. If you are the kind of person who feels satisfied with accomplishments that are good, but not great then it is okay for you to stay as you are. In the end, being mediocre is a personal choice for many.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Overcome Mediocrity?

Entrepreneurship is one such livelihood where mediocrity can really distress you. Because being mediocre in your business is like untapped potential and underachievement. Moreover, mediocre businesses are always taken over by more dynamic, leaner and awesome competition. It is a dog-eat-dog business world out there – even then, you will see that there is always space for extraordinary entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive.

How Can An Entrepreneur Overcome Being Mediocre?

Okay now, the important thing to remember here is that there is no magic pill that will make you extra-ordinary. But, if you want to beat the “average Joe” image, here are a few pointers which you might find helpful:

Don’t Be Easily Flattered

This is the among the most important points to avoid mediocrity in life. An entrepreneur will realize that as he grows in the business, there will all kinds of people trying to impress him and pump his ego. Those who get flattered to easily are generally not given much value. Not being easily flattered is one way an entrepreneur can avoid being mediocre.

Create Powerful Connections

Mediocre entrepreneurs know mediocre people. If you intend to be extra-ordinary then you have to associate yourself with extra-ordinary individuals. For an entrepreneur, he can come in contact with many accomplished men by attending entrepreneur conferences, leveraging internet social media etc. The more time you spend with people who hate to be mediocre – the lesser you will be too.

The Big Deal About Being “Connected”

Defeat Limitations

This is the most important point that you need to remember. People who kill the mediocrity within them and move on to greatness are the people who defeat their limitations. You must know what thoughts in your head are keeping you from achieving big. If you find that it is your inability to use social media to leverage business online, then you must work on it or hire someone for it. Either ways, you need to be able to sort out a solution.

Being average is not enough; you need to be great – because if you don’t, your competitor will, and all of a sudden, your small business is being left behind, eating the dust. Do let me know your thoughts on this below. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “How Can An Entrepreneur Overcome Mediocrity?

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  2. Henway

    Mediocrity is an entrepreneur’s worst enemy but unfortunately it can exist in some industries, especially old ones where there’s a monopoly or duopoly… I think the best way to get rid of it is to surround yourself with people who want to improve themselves, and their businesses, and stop hanging around people who are complacent and are happy with the status quo.

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @Henway- I think hanging around the wrong people is the biggest road block while overcoming mediocrity.

  3. Justin Germino

    Realistically most people can do a regular job and be mediocre at it and get through the day, weeks with a paycheck. But when you are an entrepreneur and/or self employed mediocrity just doesn’t cut it. Only in the beginning when there were so few could mediocrity survive but now with so much competition only the ones who excel will stand out.

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      @Justin- Yes, you are right. An entrepreneur needs to overcome mediocrity at any cost. It is not the same thing as your day job. Thanks for your comments.


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