How to Become a Blogtrepreneur?

By | 2010/03/18

A blogtrepreneur is basically someone who makes an entrepreneurial venture out of blogs. There are many ways that you can become a blogtrepreneur. Each type of blogtrepreneur has a specific way of functioning.This post is an intensive dig at blogtrepreneurs.

Who is a Blogtrepreneur?

A blogtrepreneur is someone who makes money online by venturing into serial blogging. He earns accumulative revenue by maintaining more than one blog. Usually, by hiring freelance writers.

There are two broad types of blogtrepreneurs:

Blogtrepreneur-1: The first type are the rich guys with a lot of moolah. They start off by hiring a writer and pay per article. This type of blogtrepreneur generally only concerns himself with link building, SEO etc. whereas the content is taken care-off by professional/freelance writers. In a year or so if he worked hard and created a lot of content, then his blog will become a money-generating machine.Then, he can move on to his next blog venture. There also many blogtrepreneur’s who will start 2-3 blogs (of different niches) at the same time by hiring content writers.

Blogtrepreneur-2: The second type of blogtrepreneur does not spend on content writers initially. They begin writing a blog themselves until it begins to generate revenue, then they hire writers. Then based on the profit they get, the budget to pay to content writers is decided. Further, the first blog is continued by the hired writers, whereas the blogtrepreneur jumps to start his next blog.

How to Become a Blogtrepreneur?

Like you may have understood from the two broad classification of blogtrepreneurs you can either start by setting up a blog and spending on writers. Provided your content writers are good and you have done your share of building relationships and SEO – you will be earning money in no time.

On the other hand, if you have no money to spend on writers then you will have to write yourself and do the promotion as well. This may cause your blog’s growth to slow down but, it will pay off for sure if you are consistent.

My opinion

Not sure how much this matters but, in my opinion becoming a blogtrepreneur is much easy if you have one master blog that generates a handsome amount of revenue. Then you can invest the revenue into creating more money making blogs.

Now for the important part, What’s your take on this?

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  1. Anil Gupta

    Sound interesting. I’m seeing myself in the second category.
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