How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name?

By | 2009/11/19

This is the first step to any online endeavour but many find it a big confusion. It is actually pretty simple and takes only a few minutes to register your preferred domain name.

Here are a few domain name FAQs:

Which are the best websites to register my domain name ?

Although, there are many Domain Name registrars – all of them may not provide the same value (such as WhoIs guard). Moreover, some companies may needlessly charge you a dollar or two more – these are extra costs that every online start-up needs to shave off. You can take a look at these website to register your domain name:

I really do not consider you need to think of a DN registrar out of these options. These are the best domain name registrars available on the web. If this information helps- Daniel Scocco of has registered his domain name from GoDaddy.

Will I get some kind of discount on the domain name?

YES. Don’t be in a hurry to purchase your domain name. No matter which of the above companies you decide to register your domain, there will be a DISCOUNT COUPON available on the web. Do not purchase without applying these coupons. Most of these discount coupons can reduce your total price by 50 cents to 1 dollar.

You can visit this website for all the latest Discount Coupons released by these companies.

NOTE: None of the above links provided are Affiliate links. They are purely for your information and use. Thanks a lot. If you know any other awesome domain name registrars, please list it below.

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6 thoughts on “How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name?

  1. izzat aziz

    i always look for coupon before buy domain and hosting, it save money and if we think that we not gonna use the domain so we waste no thing 🙂

  2. techprism

    Discount coupons are really very nice way to buy domains. Its only saving your bucks that might go all.

  3. Aery

    I like this ” None of the above links provided are Affiliate links…”

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