How to Comment on Other Blogs?

By | 2010/03/05

How to Comment on Other blogs?

We all know that commenting on other blogs is a great way to provide exposure to your blog. It is also a way that you can make other bloggers aware that you exist in this almost infinite blogosphere. Like many bloggers who have started up will tell you – commenting on other blogs will also help you generate some residual traffic.

Another major advantage of commenting is the back links which you can earn. It is especially beneficial if you comment in a DoFollow blog. CollegeFallOut is DoFollow blog.

But there are also certain things you must keep in mind while you comment on other blogs. Here are a few tips on how to comment on other blogs:

Positive: Always comment on other blogs with a positive attitude. There is absolutely no need for you to be very high on attitude when you comment. Be gracious while you comment. It is okay to get your point across, site but, healing do it in a very positive such that the author is not repelled.

Nice Article“: It is perfectly fine if you just want to leave a comment such as “Nice Article”. You need not forcibly add extra thoughts which you do not have to an article. Remember that if you end up commenting something really silly then it is your image which is at stake. It can really hurt your credibility.

Try and Add Value: One of the biggest favor which you can do for a blogger is to start a good conversation in his article. When you make a comment let it add value to the post. Make it thought-provoking and related to the article that is written.

When You Ask a Question!: It is also a great idea to ask a question to an article you read. It is indeed a nice way to let the author explain and  show his real depth of knowledge. Also, you help in improving interactivity at his blog.

The bottomline is that whenever you comment, be cordial and always try to promote interaction to the article which you have read.

6 thoughts on “How to Comment on Other Blogs?

    1. Vivek Post author

      @Tushar: Comments really help pump interactivity into a blog.

  1. Cafe World

    All of your links are all “nofollow” links, don’t know if you realized that 🙂
    .-= Cafe World´s last blog ..St. Patricks Day =-.

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