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How to Keep Growing Your Blog When You are Busy

Most bloggers who start out their blog are usually studying in schools or working a full-time job. So it becomes very difficult to grow a blog when you are so busy. And yet, we must. So how to keep growing your blog when you are busy. One of the biggest challenges when you do not find time for a blog is to keep updating it with new content or promoting the website in social media, commenting on other blogs etc. And unless, you find time to focus on all this it is difficult for you to create a successful blog which can someday fetch you full-time income.

Keep growing blog

Keep growing your blog when you are busy

Update your comments regularly

I am sure you check your email inbox regularly, at the same time make it a point to religiously open your blogging dashboard to moderate all comments. Reply to comments where they are required and keep the conversation going. It is fine if you are not that frequent in posting your comments as long as you can keep your audience engaged and community alive via your comments section.

Make sure you do your share of commenting

The next step is to ensure that you comment at a few blogs every week. The best way to go about it is to probably read and comment at an article a day rather than 5-6 blogs on a single day. You will save much more time if you just comment at one place a day. By commenting on different blogs a week you ensure people keep seeing you and your blog. People will be less likely to notice the low frequency of posting at your blog. So it helps your blog grow when you are busy.

Publish at least one post a week

You may be busy but there is no man on the planet who cannot write at least one post in a week. Of course, I may also suggest you to write about two articles when you do have the time so you can publish one and keep the other post scheduled. But publishing at least a post, a week will ensure that you keep your blog growing even when you are busy.

You can probably look at outsourcing articles

If you have a full time job, you can probably invest a small portion of it in freelance writers who will write articles for you that can get published from time to time. This will save you a lot of work involved in the publishing of a post. In fact, you may find this post useful in this regard: 5 Lessons I learned from Outsourcing content.

Accept guest posts

Guest post on Collegefallout.

If you are lucky enough to have a Google Pagerank of 2 or more when you start on you blogging career. Then you can probably consider the option of accepting guest posts. So that you can quickly publish unique content and save time on writing. This is the technique that most blogs with a good Pagerank are using. They simply moderate the comments and schedule guest posts. And with guest posting becoming so popular, it is definitely an option that one can look into.

Share with me your tips on how you grow your blog when you are busy.

About Vivek Krishnan

I am the Founder-editor of I started this blog in 2009, while in college with a lousy internet connection. Today this blog receives over 30,000 page views per month. As a person, I am a wanderer, dreamer and part-time pessimist.


  1. Vivek, do you really think that 1 post per week is enough for a blog’s growing? I tried to do it but results were very bad. My blog’s alexa went down. Probably I was wrong, I don’t know

    • Vivek Krishnan

      It is more about keeping the momentum and the interest alive in your blog rather than the blog growing. If you manage to publish a post a week, you can build momentum to publish more and more in a hectic schedule.

      Hope you caught the drift. Thanks for pointing it out Anny. Nice to have you comment.


  2. Oh geezz.. It’s really hard for me to update my blog at least once a week. I should probably do your 4th and 5th tip. Outsourcing articles and look for guest bloggers. :)

    PS: Your floating social network buttons overlaps with your blog contents in Chrome. It also covers the fields on “leave a reply”…

    • Vivek Krishnan

      Thanks Finch for your comments. You can try to find guest posters If you have a decent Pagerank.

      And I am using Chrome, the float seems to be fine. I will double check in either case. Thanks for the heads up.


  3. Thanks Vivek :) Btw, I use too/ It’s a nice service for bloggers :)
    Anny from MotoCMS´s last blog post ..Choosing Images for Your Website – The Minimalist Guide

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