How To Look Like a Dork on Twitter?

By | 2010/06/20
Look Like a Dork on Twitter

Look Like a Dork on Twitter

Twitter is the social media craze surrounding website/blog marketing for all enthusiastic web masters. Everyone wants to leverage the power of Twitter. Unfortunately, even in a simple marketing system such as Twitter, many cool desperate guys end up looking like total jerks. They are so desperate to promote their stuff that they end up looking like total dorks. So if you also like being a total jerk, then here are your Twitter Tips To Look Like a Dork (defn.: Slang; A stupid, inept, or foolish person):

Having more than one “Follow Me on Twitter” Logo on you blog/homepage – This one is the most awesome tip if you aspire to be a Twitter Dork. Whenever a user comes in, he can find a Twitter logo on the sidebar, below the post, on the header…Hell, the webmaster might even be having one on his undies.

Following every Twitter user on the Planet – If you are the kind of guy who follows every Twitter user’s link that comes under your cursor then maybe you should consider counting yourself among the Dorks that Twitter loves to have.

Asking People the Reason They Unfollow – Whenever, someone unfollows you on Twitter, you need to be better equipped to handle the “shock”. Not go after the user and interrogate why he unfollowed you. Twitter is a free community, people can choose who they want to follow and who not to. They probably unfollowed because your a big Twitter despo.

Continuous Useless Twitter Updates – Make followers expectant of your updates and not loathe. Don’t make people groan when you update your tweet. Stop tweeting every thing you do – like when you go to the loo or wash your bike. Face it baby, Nobody cares about it. Unless your really very famous. Since you are reading this, i understand you are not a really famous person.

A Too Hot to Handle Twitter Pic – Get a decent Twitter profile pic. I have seen people put the most attractive pic of theirs which they find. More often than not, you  may be misunderstood for a tweeting porn-star or a promoter for Adult dating sites.

Calling Oneself a Guru or Expert – If you really think your a that much of a Guru then you would not have to call it yourself, others would have! Hah Dork!

So compare yourself to the checklist above and see if you are a dork or not. Leave your comments – I value it, it makes me happy.

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