How to Make a Confident Jump from Corporate to Startup?

By | 2012/03/07

The first advice to every to-be entrepreneur reading this post, I really hope you are not leaving corporate to begin a startup as a means to escape your miserable job. If you do want to escape from your miserable job, then look for another company, don’t take the sudden jump to an employer. More often than not, people completely mess up their jump from the corporate to startup. You should be careful about it, you will be spending most of your adult life at work. Life is too short to let career missteps make it unhappy.

So after giving fair awareness, this post will tell you how to make a confident jump from Corporate to startup:

Avoid thinking short-term

Do not think that becoming an entrepreneur is an escape from your problems. That is extremely myopic thinking. Entrepreneurship is a complete lifestyle change and it is hardly as charming as most blogs write it out to be and their wild pictures of guy posing with his Bentley. Starting a business is only profitable in the long term and it could be quite a few months/years before you can take home a pay check. So think twice and really long about what you really want.

Don’t let it be about the money

Money in the short term is unlikely as an entrepreneur and it is suggested by seasoned startup advisors to not quit your day job until your side business begins to rake in some real revenue. Moreover, if you begin a startup thinking about the money you might make – you are most probably going to be disillusioned and it also means, you have not followed your passion. And a business without passion will die soon.

Do not over-estimate yourself

Stay grounded, know what you are good at and what you suck at. Have a realistic view of yourself and don’t go overboard with confidence in your abilities and at the same time don’t put yourself in the dumps. Before you go ahead and do a strength/weakness analysis of your business plan. It is strongly recommended you do a mental SWOT about yourself so that you don’t find yourself in a mess with your company.

Ensure diligent research

Make sure that you do enough research on your seemingly infallible plan. You do research well before you take up a job in an organization, now if you want to take the jump to startup from corporate then its time for you to research well for the business idea that you are about to implement. Half thought plans are going to land you in serious trouble as you might lose all your money. Test your idea well, bounce it off experienced entrepreneurs and do as much market research as possible. It will save you a lot of tears once you get started.

If you can check out this points before you make the jump from corporate to startup, you can be sure that you will be much at ease compared to many other startup entrepreneurs who may have thoughtlessly left their job to start a business. Don’t take the plunge from a corporate lifestyle just because you can’t bear the work, because once you enter the entrepreneurial world, where you could end up being even more unhappy.

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