How to Make a WordPress Blog to Do-Follow?

By | 2010/04/04

Most bloggers want to make their WordPress blog “DoFollow” but unfortunately, price many are clueless on how it is made possible. Of course, buy cialis you can directly customize the code to make your blog “DoFollow” but it is not at all recommended as it is risky and you may damage your template code.

However, malady the easiest way to make your WordPress blog a DoFollow blog is by downloading and installing a plugin. You can download the plugin here or you can search for “DoFollow” in your WordPress dashboard – the plugin is created by Semiologic.

DoFollow blogs are in great demand on the internet and there are many bloggers who release a list of “DoFollow” blogs. The main reason why there is such a great demand for “DoFollow” is that Search Engine spiders then consider your commenters link as a backlink to them. And of course, then it becomes obvious that commenting on DoFollow blogs is the easiest way to generate valuable backlinks back to a site.

The “nofollow” attribute was introduced in 2005, in an effort to discourage comment spam. But one of the biggest disadvantage of a “NoFollow”attribute is that your interlinking between posts may also turn out to be “NoFollow” – which means spiders do not crawl it.

Make your WordPress blog “DoFollow”, as in my personal opinion, it is useless to have a “nofollow” blog as it does not make any difference to you and you stand nothing to gain from it. Whereas, if your blog is “DoFollow” then you can be assured that soon you will be able to create a loyal reades base who will comment on your blog posts passionately.

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  2. paul

    does anyone know the date SEO Netlinks is coming out? i heard it’s an amazing way to build tons of traffic


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