How to Optimize Your Blog Post Titles?

By | 2010/02/18

There are many key points that a successful blogger employs when he frames a title for his post. For he knows that no matter how exquisite his post may be or how life-altering it may be for the reader, a poor title will ensure only one thing – that his post remains unread.

Simplicity: This is one of the key points of any successful post. Suppose if this post which you are reading was kept the following title – “Secrets of Optimality Conditions for a Blog Article under the Title”. Obviously, you would be totally put off. A simple title will also help you in search engines. If you keep your title under 40-words then you ensure that the whole title appears when it turns up in the search engine results.

Magnetism: The title should be so magnetic that it forces a reader to click on the title to read what it is all about. This can be done by some controversial topic, a shocking claim or humor.  These things add to the magnetism of a title.

Satisfy a Need: The most successful posts on Digg and other book marking sites are “How to” posts. These posts meet a need of a reader. Tutorial posts teach a person something new which they can apply. So invariably, most bloggers will find the topic quite attractive.A title which suggests that it will  help in solving some of the readers problems are quite popular.

Describe: Don’t try to be extra smart and create an element of suspense in your post by not letting your readers what it is about. Most will end up ignoring it. Best title is one which informs the reader what they will get out of it when they read it.

Key Word: Be sure not to forget including a key word into your title. Your title is SEO gold. So if you do not enter any key word in post then you will find that your post will fail to be optimally placed in search engine results.

The final tip is to tell you that take your time when you keep a title. First impression is the last impression. Most readers unfortunately judge a book by its cover, so make sure that your title is attractive for a readers. This will also help in enhancing his reading experience.

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  1. Anil Gupta

    Surely, title plays a big role when we talk about optimizing a page from Seo prospective. And it’s your title which will be ultimately shown in search engine listings. So one need to make titles that are seo friendly and good enough so that people actually click them.
    .-= Anil Gupta´s last blog ..Successful Affiliate Marketing Tips for your Blog =-.


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