How to Remove Date from WordPress Blog Posts

By | 2012/04/08

The Google Panda update has made the posts on your blog date-sensitive. Evergreen content usually has an older publication date, Panda seems to reduce its visibility in search results. For this reason, it is a good idea if you consider to remove the date from posts on your WordPress blog. There are no WordPress plugins available for this. However, it is extremely easy to get rid of dates from all your WordPress posts, here are two ways of doing it. This is a WordPress tutorial on the topic.

Remove date from WordPress Blog Posts

Slow way (estimated time: 35 minutes)

  1. Go to “Appearance > Editor” and repeat the following steps for each of your theme’s PHP files
  2. Look for these function calls in your theme’s code: the_date()echo get_the_date(),the_modified_date(), and the_time()
  3. Surround the function calls with PHP comment markers (/* and */)
  4. After you add the PHP markers, hit “Update File”
  5. Refresh your WordPress post, you will find that the date has been deleted from all your blog posts.

Look at the image below for illustration:

Remove date from WordPress posts

Fast Way (estimated time: 2-5 minutes)

If you are not interested in spending such copious amounts of time like in the step above, then here is a quick fix to get rid of the dates in your WordPress blog posts. Please remember that this method requires WordPress 3.0 or above.

  1. Go to “Appearance > Editor” in your WordPress admin and add this code to the top of your theme’s functions.php file:
  2. The code should go to the end of the <?php line, press Enter to create a new line, and paste in the code. Let me know if that works.
  3. Hit “Update file”
  4. Check your blog and you will find that dates have been removed from all your WordPress posts

Remove Dates from WordPress Posts

The image below shows where you have to insert the above code in your theme’s function.php file (refer step 2):

Remove dates from Wprdrpress blog

Hope you find the post useful. Do leave your comments.

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