How the World We Live In is Turning Us Into Impatient Humans

By | 2011/10/01

The world around us is responsible for making us impatient. The world is forcing you to multitask and do more in lesser time. Even if you want to perform your work one bit at a time, the environment around you has become so fast paced that you need to multitask if you need to keep up. And since, everything is completed so quickly and with such efficiency, we as humans have started to become impatient about life in general. Especially in the case of entrepreneurs, multitasking is a trait that is really looked forward to because it helps you complete more tasks efficiently.

There is a very thin line being an efficient multitask-er and an impatient person. Efficiency is becoming a guise for impatience. And indirectly, it is making us lose our temper, get frustrated etc.  for things that require patience.

However, multitasking is not something that comes naturally to humans. In fact, this article is a quick reminder of how the world around you is making you impatient.

Web Browsers

Your web browser is a classic case of multitasking. These browsers are the most fundamental reason why we are getting impatient. When we start our browsers,  we will open Facebook on one tab, your blog dashboard on another while at the same time downloading some data from some website. This gives us a sense of accomplishing a lot of tasks in a single go. But really this is just the one way route to getting frazzled. Sure, technology helps you do more operations at one go but the habit of multitasking trickles down to the finer levels of your life as well. Thus making you impatient.

Cell phones

The wi-fi earphones have made it easier but the distraction they cause is the same as using a hand held cell phone while you drive. Everyone driving a car is trying to cram in an extra bit of work into that commute. They will either hold a tele-conference or speak to their wives/girlfriends. All this to finish off responsibilities and “talks”.

It is the instinct and the impatience that causes us to multitask. We are just not used to sitting idle, so we end up ringing up somebody. Phone distractions have caused 2600 deaths and 330000 injuries in the United States each year. The statistics have showed that nearly 80% of all crashes and 65% of near crashes were due to driver distraction.

With the smart phones that we have today, we don’t even need a laptop to check our mail or make online transactions. There is no need to wait for the inbox to open up because our cell phones will update us immediately of any new mail. It is all promoting impatience in our character.

The 30-minutes Psychology

We as consumers are used to instant service, fast service etc. Pizza outlets promise 30 minutes or free service. Instant passport size photograph outlets. And, good examples are of online orders where we expect to be kept in the loop right from order confirmation, package tracking to its arrival to our door step. By the way, the package needs to arrive ASAP – we want anything we order to be in our hands as fast as possible. And the companies around us ensure that this impatience is catered to with their “faster than ever” services.

CEOs getting younger

We are seeing our CEOs getting younger and younger each day, this is the number one indicator of how impatient we have become. Even when it comes to success and power, the generation today is not ready to wait for long. Ambitions are also being brought under the circle of quick delivery.

In conclusion, no doubt faster is better- but there is no doubt about the fact that the world around is making us cranky individuals. The human patience meter is lower than ever and it is causing a lot of people to end up being frustrated and angsty with their own lives.

4 thoughts on “How the World We Live In is Turning Us Into Impatient Humans

  1. Mia

    This is very true, and I too feel that the world around me (and even me) is becoming impatient. We want everything now! and if we don’t get it, then it’s called bad service.

    I think that we should stop asking for “now”, and become more grounded. A pizza can’t cook in 5 minutes, and if it does – the taste for sure wouldn’t be the same. So the advice I give myself is slow down and be reasonable!

    1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

      Hi Mia,
      I do think that slowing is very important. The world around us is just pushing us to become mad maniacs.

  2. Tomek

    This is a very interesting take on impatience in the modern society. thanks for sharing, tomek

  3. Gwen Diez

    This is a good review. I can say that you have a good observation. I wonder why this happen, as we become more innovative the more we become impatient.


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