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By | 2014/06/11

We look at companies and popular figures and wonder, try what is the secret to their success? Is it their personality, order their upbringing or do they hold key insights that the rest of us will never know? I guess, until we find out that information, there are things that we can learn from them by looking at what applications and programs are beneficial to their industry and how it boosts their productivity and simplifies their everyday tasks. Some of these save time and money. Some allow for better planning, task assignment and organization. Where others aid in creation, idea logging and inspiration.

Let’s look at the apps and programs used by industry leaders and see how they can help you.



Who says email marketing is dead? Spammers essentially discredit this industry but through targeted audience monitoring and subscription, companies such as Digital Fire would use MailChimp to email the right individuals about content that they care about. MailChimp has wonderful inbuilt options that give you insights into your current subscribers and can recommend the best time to send out your newsletter or campaign based on your subscriber’s engagement info.



Over at South Africa’s top online marketing firm, an app that is integral to Ruby Search Solutions’ content, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media writers is Evernote. Creativity, ideas and the ability to generate unique content on the fly has an unpleasant feature of disappearing as quickly as it is thought of. Evernote solves this problem. It allows their writers to record information, ideas or entire articles anywhere when inspiration strikes and it auto-syncs to allow for the unique content to be used later. It also has a category function, which is super handy to divide notes by theme, topic or keywords.

Ripe Social

Ripe Social

If you would like to accomplish the type of brand marketing that LiquidAgency produces, then you should try Ripe Social, which offers around 10 apps that could increase your brand’s awareness, generate sales and possibly create a viral marketing craze. Create custom content that grabs the attention of your audience and promotes engagement with existing clients or fans you’d like to turn into customers. Companies such as LiquidAgency would use Ripe Social to drive website traffic to generate sales and increase repeat business.

Social Blade

Social Blade

Although this site only tracks Twitch, Instagram and YouTube channels at the moment, companies like WebTrends are hoping that more social media platforms will be added due to Social Blade’s ability to translate data into workable and digestible snippets of information that is easily understood by all levels of web proficiency. It logs user views, subscribers, predictions and comparable stats that you can use to assess your progression against others. It is a highly recognised asset among the YouTube community and will hopefully offer more features in the future, making it a necessity to web analytic businesses such as WebTrends.

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