Internet Entrepreneurs: Eliminate Self-Doubt and Hesitation

By | 2010/04/14

Self-doubt is a serious issue for internet entrepreneurs. Many guys those who want to become internet entrepreneurs have a fair share of nerves and hesitation before they venture out. There are many levels of internet entrepreneurship – a person who blogs is an internet entrepreneur and the founder of Digg is also an internet entrepreneur.

So whatever may be your level – your aim should be to defeat doubts you have on yourself first.

There is an obvious thing which you need to consider and that is…

NO Shourtcuts to Success

Every person has a different parameter of success. Some want to earn huge sums of money online, while other have a lot of money but they are targeting the goal of becoming a “guru” in their field. This is all possible- but only with perseverance and hard work. It is important to understand – success takes time to achieve and having to work 8 to 9 hours a day on your online business is quite normal. Just gear up for the work!

Don’t Give Yourself Time for Doubt

It is true that every successful internet entrepreneur did have a moment of self-doubt, but the difference was that they were ready for acting on their plans despite all of it. If they had simply sat worrying, then today we would not have revolutionizing online companies like Amazon, Digg, Twitter etc. When Twitter was launched, how could anyone imagine that micro-blogging would revolutionize entire marketing strategize.

It is better if you put your time into implementing your idea rather than worrying about whether your idea will work or not. Self-doubt will hold you back from opportunities and will kill your morale.

If it were easy to succeed, then there would be more success stories than what we see as “failure”. For success, don’t be demotivated and keep moving towards your ambition.

2 thoughts on “Internet Entrepreneurs: Eliminate Self-Doubt and Hesitation

  1. George185

    I agree, just do it (as NIKE says). If your efforts fail, dry your eyes and try something else. Nice post.


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