Internet Entrepreneurs: Ten Tips for Starting an Online Business in 2010

By | 2010/02/02

The growing potential of internet as a breeding ground for low capital entrepreneurs is finally being recognized. More and more people are jumping into the online business band wagon. Most investments in business you make will be much lesser in this virtual world than when you try to startup a business in the real world.

Here are some tips that you can use when you intend to begin a business online:

  1. Think Outside the Box: Eccentric and unconventional ideas are very effective online. Most people online today are sick of traditional services offered to them. As an example, the mushrooming number of Social websites – it has become obvious that people are no longer interested in looking for any more social sites as there are already quite established and popular one’s available. The only way to people from an established brand is through innovation and some fresh idea.
  2. Chart a Plan: You cannot travel anywhere without knowing the route for your destination. It is the same with your goal. If you have an aim to achieve then you must know how you plan to get it. A well-planned course of action is a compulsion if you have any intention to succeed.
  3. Invest Time: Give your idea the investment it deserves. Money is not the only impetus that you require for a rapid growth. Your time is as important a resource as any.
  4. Talk: Talk to people who are already experienced in your field of interest. Converse with them in great detail  about how they started off, how they managed the initial hiccups and what was the money that they required to fuel growth. Most people are more than willing to sharing their experiences and knowledge with you, the only thing left is to ask!
  5. Be Abreast with Latest Trends: Be updated with all the latest developments in your field. Know how your competitors are evolving their business. What is the latest gimmick which they have applied to drive customers for their business. If you fail to keep yourself updated then you run the risk of running an obscure business.
  6. Line up your Mentors: Mentors can be beneficial for you in two ways. Firstly and most importantly, they are among the most effective people to help you get and stay motivated while you run you enterprise. It may be sometimes easy to lose steam half way when you are running a business when the road gets tough. At this time, mentors can help you stay focused and inspired. Also mentors help you to network as they may have already built a large number of contacts over their years of experience.
  7. Leverage your assets: Know what your strong points are. Understand your asset. An asset can be a person in your organization or a talent that you yourself possess. So when you run a startup online then be sure to optimize your strengths. As they will be a key point in your game of entrepreneurship.
  8. Over Deliver: This point is regarding your customers or website visitors. They are your final point of outlet. So when you promise them a service, then provide them with more than they expect. This is a golden rule in business – online or off.
  9. Research: Before you take the plunge into online business, do not underestimate your field and competitors. You have to research your field and also analyze your competition. This is important as you require to understand the playing field before you begin to play.
  10. Keep Your Morale High: Never lose your focus on what you want to achieve. Some hiccups are an integral part of all businesses. So it is important that you do not defeat yourself mentally.

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