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Interview with Internet Entrepreneur- Michael Dunlop- Income Diary

I just wanted to share this great piece of update with you. Robb Sutton from just got an interview with young internet entrepreneur Michael Dunlop. He is one of my most favorite internet entrepreneurs. Michael Dunlop teaches his readers how to be wealthy when you are young.

Michael Dunlop is the blogger of the authority entrepreneur blog – Income Diary and Retire At 21. Both focus on inspiring and motivating those who want to become internet entrepreneurs. I have been following his blog almost since it started.

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Here is a chip from the really really inspiring interview which Robb Sutton has taken for us. Here is a statement about Income Diary blog that was started by Michael Dunlop,

“It’s not even a year old and within a couple months of launching it was one of the biggest blogs in making money online. It had its first 100,000 visitors in its first month. It took me like a day or two to set up.”

You can read the FULL INTERVIEW OF MICHAEL DUNLOP HERE. It is a must read and it will be very motivating for internet entrepreneurs.

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  1. Great article. I enjoy hearing about entrepreneurs who triumph potentially devastating situations and rise from it with a leaner, more efficient business and go on to achieve everything they desire.

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