Interview with Young Graphic Design Entrepreneur: Benjamin Jacques

By | 2011/04/15

This is one of the first interviews in our entrepreneur interview series. We have managed to get hold of young entrepreneur Benjamin Jacques today. Benjamin is a design entrepreneur who is the Founder of Melting Waves Design Studio. Benjamin has been working in the field of art and design for over 6 years and have been designing for companies around the world since age 15. He is also going to be featured in an upcoming book called “Raising CEO Kids” because of the stunning success of his business.You can learn more about Benjamin here.

Benjamin Jacques with Michael Dunlop

Benjamin Jacques with Michael Dunlop

In this interview, cure we talk to Benjamin on what keeps him running and his inspirations behind becoming an entrepreneur. The difficulties that are faced as a young entrepreneur and how he plans to grow his business in the future. Enjoy!

1) Hi Benjamin, viagra welcome to Collegefallout, would you give us a little introduction about yourself.

Thanks Vivek. I’m really excited to be here. As far as the introduction goes, my name is Benjamin Jacques and I’m the founder of, a website that teaches graphic designers about marketing and entrepreneurship and also serves the creative needs of companies worldwide. I have plans to launch several more websites, one of which that is called, which will only showcase positive events that happen in the world since all the current news channels only focus on negativity.

2) Can you tell us your story and inspiration for starting up as an entrepreneur at the age of 15?

At the age of 15 I got my first two freelance design jobs. One was to design a logo for a real-estate center in Florida and the other was to design a corporate package for a mortgage firm in the UL. From that point on I started making a lot of money with freelance work but recently in addition to freelance work I’ve started coaching other designers on how they can find freelance work on their own and start profitable design businesses.

3) You have met some pretty awesome people like Michael Dunlop and Yanik Silver. Can you share that experience with us?

I met Michael and Yanik and a lot of other amazing people at Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar in DC this year. It was absolutely amazing because I’ve been following their work for quite some time and meeting them in person was one of the most inspirational moments in my life. They not only helped me out and gave me great advice, but they were really nice to me and we had some great conversations.

Benjamin and Yanik Silver

Benjamin and Yanik Silver

4) Are you running your graphic designing business alone? How has the experience been running?

At the moment I’m running my business alone but I plan to hire people on when my money isn’t all tied up in college loans and product creation. I’d recommend that everyone try to run their business with a full staff if you can afford it because you can get a lot more done in a shorter period of time. One perk about running my business by myself is that I don’t have to worry about managing employees so I have more time to pump out valuable content to my audience.

5) Can you share with us your biggest mistakes made as a startup entrepreneur? Something that would have helped you grow faster perhaps.

The biggest mistake I made when starting out was that I didn’t put up a website and start growing my audience right away. If I did, my fan base would be three times as big and I’d be making way more money and giving value to way more people than I currently am. I may have been doing freelance work since I was 15 but I just setup my website less than 9 months ago and only really started monetizing it last month! I’m actually not even 100% finished building it yet!!! So I’d advise that everyone get a website online as soon as possible so that you can start growing your fan base.

6) Would like to share with us some of your biggest clients or perhaps the most challenging design job thus far.

I really see all of my clients as being equally important no matter how much work I’m doing for them or how much money they’re paying out. I have had some jobs that are more difficult than others though. Recently I designed an entire website for a client I have up in Canada and I totally underestimated how much time it would take. I should have seen that coming since I’ve been setting up my own site for months, so I’d recommend that whenever you take on freelance work you should try to gauge out how much time it will take so that you can use your time efficiently.
7) How do you intend to grow your business in the coming years?

I plan on growing my business by getting more people involved and providing a huge amount of valuable content to my audience. I also have plans for some portfolio software I’m going to launch, a book I’m going to write, and other high-value products I plan on developing. But the main way I plan on growing my business in the years to come is finding out what problems my audience is having and then fixing them by providing them with valuable advice.

8) How do you manage juggle time for your graphic design business, blogging and personal life?

I’m also juggling all of those with college classes! It’s tricky sometimes but the key is to really schedule everything out and sort out the tasks that need to be completed first from the tasks that can wait a little bit to be completed. I have separate schedules for when I attend classes, when I complete my homework, when I write blog posts, when I send out emails, etc. The key is just making schedules for all the tasks you know you’ll do more than once, and then making sure those schedules don’t conflict with one another. That leaves time for just kicking back and enjoying life, knowing that all your work will be done on time.

9) 3 quick tips you would give to every graphic designer who aspires to start up.

  • Tip #1: Don’t go into business to make money because if you do you’re bound to fail. You need to go into business to help people solve their problems in an area that you are extremely passionate about, and then the money will follow.
  • Tip#2: Research spirituality and mental health as much as you research business. I’m not talking about religion, but rather spiritual views about enjoying life for what it is and being fulfilled with what you currently have, even though you have goals you want to meet in the future.
  • Tip #3: Don’t view your competition as your enemies, but rather as your partners. You both appeal to the same audience so instead of fighting, you can work together to help the audience as a whole and promote each other’s companies.

10) Who are your inspirations as an entrepreneur?

My biggest inspirations are entrepreneurs that teach you about helping people just as much as they talk about making money. I’m inspired by entrepreneurs such as Yanik Silver, Michael Dunlop, Frank Kern, James Dyson, and Rich Schefren. On the other side of the scale I’m very inspired by spiritual teachers who talk about different ways to avoid stress and appreciate life such as Eckhart Tolle, Joel Leevey, and Michelle Leevey. I think it’s important to gain inspiration from those that offer motivation and encouragement to you, not those that are just trying to make a buck off of the advice they’re giving.

11) Are you planning for a formal college education?

I’m currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and I’m in my second year, but I’m taking a quarter off to work on business because things are going very well. The important thing that artists and designers need to realize about art schools is that they definitely improve your artistic capabilities, but they don’t teach you a thing about starting your own business and that’s why you see so many starving artists all over the place. So I’d recommend that you get your artistic advice from your school but get your business advice online from successful entrepreneurs.

Rapid Fire Questions:

a) One song that has always picked you up when you felt low

“All along the Watchtower”. Both versions, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan.

b) One book that you would recommend every entrepreneur to read

“Living In Balance: A Dynamic Approach To Creating Harmony And Wholeness In A Chaotic Worls” By Joel & Michelle Leevey.

c) Your favorite movie that you would suggest to entrepreneurs.

“Blood Diamonds” probably inspired my more than any other movie and made me want to direct my business towards helping war-affected children in east Africa.

Thank you Benjamin! Appreciate the time that you have given for this interview. Do keep us posted in progress and we will be following your growth as well.

I hope you enjoyed the interview, do post in more questions or thoughts about the interview that you may have in the comment form below.

7 thoughts on “Interview with Young Graphic Design Entrepreneur: Benjamin Jacques

  1. Benjamin Jacques

    Thanks so much for the interview man! I really appreciate it. The interview was fun to write up and it’s really exciting to see it live! I’m looking for guest posters on my blog if you’re ever interested. I still have to construct my guest post page though…

    -Benjamin M. Jacques

  2. Eddys Velasquez

    Benjamin is an awesome friend!…and he is a very talented designer…he definitely knows what he’s doing and if anybody reading this is a graphic designer wanting to make more money online using your talents then definitely check him out! 🙂

    Your Friend,
    Eddys Velasquez

  3. June Young

    You started at 15? Wow that’s awesome! I guess it really pays to be hardworking and passionate about what you do. This is very inspiring and you might have just encouraged a lot of young people like me to actually make use of our skills and hobbies. More power to your blog Benjamin and nice interview Vivek!


  4. Bruce James

    Wow, started at 15? That is something! And you’re absolutely right about your web page. Internet has become the center of our culture and more and more people are switching from TV, radio and other types of media to internet pages, blogs etc.
    Great interview and a great story!
    Wish you all the best!

  5. homes for sale Keller Texas

    Some really good advice coming from Benjamin here. As long as you want to get into business because you are passionate about the product or service that you are offering, you will do well. But if its only to make a fast buck, then things won’t go well for you.


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