Is It Time to Humanize Your Twitter Profile?

By | 2010/05/03

Is it time that your Twitter profile begins to look like it is updated by a human? I recently wrote a post questioning whether Twitter remains a Social Network in the true sense or has it become an internet marketing platform for most of us.

Even Super-Heroes are Human. Why Not You?

Even Super-Heroes are Human. Why Not You?

We all have many followers but of which only a very little portion may know you as a normal, live human being. Trust me for most of your followers, you are nothing more than a blogging machine who keeps posting to links to your blog and other related content. Where is the human element? Where is the ‘real’ social networking which you are supposed to do?

Of course, it is not a sin to market your business on Twitter – it is each one’s personal choice. Because we have followers because they are interested in what we write, right? Yes right – but only to an extent. Did you ever realize how much you can boost the click-through rates of your Twitter updates if you just had a better connection with your followers?

And what should you do to achieve a better connection with your readers? The answer is get personal. Many many internet marketers and bloggers on Twitter simply seem to forget the fact that there are humans following them who would also like an interesting update on what’s happening in the life of such a busy blogger or internet marketer.

Suppose you come across a really interesting food item in the menu of a classy restaurant you ate last night or any incident that a person will enjoy, you can share it with your followers. In fact, even normal updates like – “Just brought myself an awesome new pair of jeans!” will do the trick. The point is to let the followers know you are not all about geeky technology and posting on Twitter. A rocking life out side of internet will only do you good.

Remember, your Twitter profile is not your blog, so it is okay to stray from your niche once in a while.

The purpose of this is to humanize your Twitter profile and improve your image in the eyes of your followers. If you make a quick update about what is really happening in your life your followers won’t mind – they would in fact take it is a welcome break from all that link tweeting that you do. Personally, I feel tweeting about other stuff than your links will help you connect with readers personally which can go a long way in developing trust and improving click-throughs, especially if you are selling affiliate products and such.

Please leave your thoughts on this below.

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    1. Vivek Post author

      @UK WF- Yes, you should show your normal life as well. It helps to develop trust. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Vivek Post author

      @Shabnam- Thanks for your comments.


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