Is Lifestyle A Motivation For Internet Entrepreneurs?

By | 2010/07/21

All of us heard of the Cinderella story that most “internet gurus” try to reflect. Plenty of people will tell you that being able to work location independent is a great advantage. The sheer off-the-grid lifestyle that they project can become quite a big motivation for many. But, the fact is. Most of the internet lifestyle guru’s will never tell you the hard part of internet lifestyle. Moreover, many of them have not even experienced it in the first place.

Despite this, the thought of sipping lemonade on a hammock in Hawaii as your blogs make you passive income is quite attractive. Which is why it is worth thinking whether living the internet lifestyle is really the motivation for internet entrepreneurs.

If you are deciding to plunge into the internet entrepreneurship for the sake of the “lifestyle” which you expect then there are a few things you must understand.

“It is Not Really Location Independent”

Sure, you can work from anywhere that has an internet connectivity. But the fact is that unless you are using the coffee shop wi-fi that is  close to your house, your efficiency in working online will go down by almost 70%. The odds are, that unless you are someone like Tim Ferris who blogs at you will be making much less money being location independent than if you had a fixed place to sit and work in front of your PC or Laptop. Moreover, most places are not wi-fi enabled. Internet connection can become a pain in the ass for you.

“The Income Fluctuates”

This is a very real threat that people who want to live an internet lifestyle need to understand. Online income is very unpredictable, some months it might exceed your expectations and in some months you could end up earning much less than what you usually do. This can be a real problem when you need a fixed income to budget and do effective financial planning for your future investments and such.

“It is A Competitve Field”

If you are a successful internet entrepreneur then you might be already aware of the consequences of sitting on your butt after a certain level of achievement. The internet is such a hyper-competitive industry that there are new competitions coming up everyday that could tear apart your business or blog unless you are constantly on the upward slope. Which is why the fire within you should never die, the moment it does – it can kill your internet business instantly. Things change quickly online. Few years back, Orkut was among the most popular social networks and Google was the most visited website. Now Facebook has taken over the crown of both Orkut and Google. This illustration can show the reality of the internet lifestyle.

This post does not mean I am against internet lifestyle. I am all for it, however, you need to understand that all things have their ups and downs – which also includes the internet lifestyle.

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