Is Social Media Marketing Becoming A Nightmare For Traditional Entrepreneurs?

By | 2010/11/02

Mark Zuckerberg has truly made it to the top of the hate list of many traditional entrepreneurs. Just as they were coming to terms with the wave to take their business online, help remedy Zuckerberg hits them with Facebook. And all of a sudden the social media scene becomes an unavoidable aspect of entrepreneurship.

I could throw a few numbers to show you how quickly social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are growing but then I am sure most of you are already aware of it. It has been covered in newspapers, cialis magazines and many publications.

This new rage of social media marketing on Facebook requires the following out of an entrepreneur:

  • Create a Facebook fan page for their business.
  • Promote it via blogs and (or) Facebook ads.
  • Post latest updates, vcialis 40mg offers regarding your business online.
  • Interact with your fans.

The task of connecting with your customers online has become a necessity rather than a choice. Because the internet marketing offers you the following distinct advantages to better your competition:

  • What your customers think about you.
  • What customers think about your competitors.
  • Understand trending of your customer demands.
  • Connect with your customers personally thereby creating higher loyalty.

Due to these factors, traditional entrepreneurs who tend to ignore social media tools like Facebook and Twitter take a bad beating. Because their more adaptive competition gets all the connection with the customers at these social hubs. This is why social media marketing has become a nightmare for entrepreneurs who like the old-school way of working.

Another serious issue many traditional entrepreneurs face with social media tools is the deficit in technical knowledge and the way these social tools work. For example, if you need to customize the Facebook  fan page with new tabs then you need to be adept at Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language).

Social Media and Entrepreneurs

Social Media and Entrepreneurs

In the end what needs to be understood is that Social media marketing is a real-time method to connect with people. And entrepreneur have a much higher chance to grow faster than they expected using these social media tools. It can be worth the time and money you may invest into your social media campaigns.

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