Launched My First Startup – FizzEdge

By | 2010/06/27

Hi friends, purchase

I am sure you have all heard me talk about entrepreneurship on the internet. Now I felt it is time to show you some practical experience. I just launched an internet startup – FizzEdge. Currently, clinic I have not registered this internet company. On this blog I will share all my problems and progress that I made with my startup. So that I can provide you a real-time example of making an internet company successful.

I thought that I will get it registered to Pvt. Ltd under Vivek Krishnan. But only once I see some head way with my startup. The struggle has started the instant I have launched my company website.

Once you go through the FizzEdge company website you will understand that it is a very people oriented internet business. The company is out there to help bloggers like you and me succeed.

I want Your Help

Just head over to the company website and please give your frank suggestions. I dont care if you abuse the look also. But what I expect are some frank opinions.

Also, do let me know if you can be a part of FizzEdge in any way. I am open to all opportunities and partnership.

4 thoughts on “Launched My First Startup – FizzEdge

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  2. raghavendra

    good job ..

    sum question for u my friend ??

    what about investment,how much u have in your pocket..?
    what kind of website u r Hosting..?


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