List Of 8 Social Media That Cannot Be Ignored by Bloggers

By | 2010/06/21

Social Media is the latest buzz to create traffic to one’s blog or website and indeed, many have shown that it can be a successful model for good amount of traffic. However, what we don’t know is that which of the social media’s are those that cannot be ignored. While some social sites can be ignored or neglected. If you are a blogger who is looking for a professional way to generate traffic i.e. generate traffic for free then these social sites are a must to be updated.

List of 8 Social Media Sites That Cannot Be Ignored By Bloggers:

1) Technorati – Technorati Authority, Technorati ranking – they all matter a lot, to advertisers and also to the visitors. This can boost your reputation apart from generating huge amount of traffic. Always try to get your site voted as a Technorato Favorite – it is totally worth it.

2) Twitter – I really don’t need to tell you much about the capacity that Twitter has to improve your traffic. So don’t ever ignore Twitter. Put all your post updates on Twitter.

3) Digg – The most popular place to post all your links for webmasters, I love Digg personally. The pure ease of updating and the volume of traffic that Digg generates is awesome. Never forget this social media to promote your blog.

4) StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is another smart way you can promote your posts, but it requires you to be a little active. If you can be an active Stumbler on StumbleUpon then it is another traffic gem.

5) Facebook – Facebook is becoming a growing presence on most blogs,with many bloggers generating fans for their site via placing the Facebook widget on their blog pages. Sharing your posts on Facebook can get you traffic, but need not always be targetted.

6) Mixx – A popular social site, where you can give in your links. It has a very interesting feature of creating your own custom page that displays only the most popular content that currently is linked by Mixx.

7) Delicious – Another social media site which is similar to Mixx, StumbleUpon and Digg.

8)Yahoo Buzz – It has been found to be effective by some. Although some find it not that much effective. But if you have a group/network of peers who blog then you can get updates your friends and see what they buzzed up – vice versa.

Whethere you want to use all of these social medias to promote your blog or use a few of them, make it a point not to totally ignore the potential that they have. Atleast ensure that all your blog updates are posted on at least three of the above mentioned sites.

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