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Love Or Hate Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Is Here To Stay!

We all know the huge controversy that Facebook was able to stir up on the internet. Facebook made a huge dent on Facebook users sentiments with their Privacy Policy – which was too difficult for normal mortals like us to understand. The smug-faced Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was not much help either. In fact, a few of his comments infuriated a lot of Facebook users – and that is a lot considering Facebook has around 400 million active users.

Mark Zuckerberg is the young entrepreneur and one of the youngest millionaires the world has seen. It is tough to imagine that Facebook started from his dormitory room. He has never been a favorite among most people as he has always been termed arrogant and callous. When the Facebook privacy policy rift started, Mark Zukerberg was directly targeted for such complications in the user privacy policies. Right from the start of Facebook, its privacy policy has always been an issue. But it was not until now that it really began to face the heat of controversy.

The users finally turned out victors, as Facebook (read, “Mark Zuckerberg”) made a major overhaul to make the privacy policy simple and easy for users to understand. Mark  Zuckerberg was thrown a lot of dirt during the last few days of raging protests against Facebook.

It is clear to see however, no matter how smug or arrogant Mark Zuckerberg remains, it is highly unlikely that Facebook will be affected. People are in love with this powerful social media website which is radically changing the way people are connecting and finding old friends. Internet marketers and companies are all realizing the power of Facebook as a promotional and branding tool.

So whether you love or hate Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is here to stay and the 400 million users will only increase with time!

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  1. I agree, he runs a site with 500 million users and growing, he is not going anywhere.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Follow Us on Twitter =-.

  2. Don’t count on it.

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