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My Experience Of Guest Posting on HellBoundBloggers.Com

I recently made a guest post at Pradeep Kumar’s HellBoundBloggers. You can read it here. This post is simply a description on what was the experience that I had on making a guest post on HellBoundBloggers.


1) The biggest advantage of posting on HBB is the ease at which it is done. I was able to quickly register myself and submit my article through a contributor’s dashboard. It is the best way I prefer to submit a guest post after emailing.

2) HBB has one of the most active community as a blog. My guest post got almost 20 comments after it was published, this is great by any standards. HBB gives great exposure, the same article anywhere else would not have performed in the same way (for example, on my own blog! ;P)

3) My guest post went live the next day itself, which is good. I am very impatient with guest posts and hate it when it takes a long time to get published due to backlog. But with HBB I must say there was minimal waiting period.


1) Your link will only be shown in the About Author Box below the article. Unlike some blogs, HBB does not allow you to post a link back in the beginning of the article itself.

2) No revenue sharing program or such, but it does not matter much since they don’t yield much revenue anyway.

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HBB also sent a few visitors my way, the number does not matter much because I have learned from experience that guest posts generally do not generate much traffic. They are more of a SEO tool. If your looking for guest posting you must definitely post one here – the site has PR 4 and an Alexa Rank of 23,400.

About Vivek Krishnan

I am the Founder-editor of I started this blog in 2009, while in college with a lousy internet connection. Today this blog receives over 30,000 page views per month. As a person, I am a wanderer, dreamer and part-time pessimist.


  1. I’m honored that you have picked HBB for Guest Blogging and that was indeed a good article. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout mate! Love’d it.. 🙂

  2. So far i wrote 2 guest posts to HBB and got 30+ comments for each post. 🙂 i really love and enjoy writing more to HBB.

    – Robin

    • @Robin- I really like the active community of HBB, it has got a very good commentators base.

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