My Experience of Guest Posting on ShoutMeLoud.Com

By | 2010/03/31

I recently made a guest post at Harsh Agrawal’s ShoutMeLoud. You can read it here. This post is simply a description on what was the experience that I had on making a guest post on ShoutMeLoud.


1) The first and biggest advantage of guest posting on ShoutMeLoud is the easy way to register and login to the ShoutMeLoud dashboard as a contributor. You can make all the tweaks, add images when you make your post.

2) The acceptance time is fairly low. If your post is accepted by the admin you will get a mail telling you that your guest post is accepted and when it will be published. This adds a lot more motivation to make a guest post because I just hate to wait for a week or so before the a guest post is published – and many webmasters fail to tell you whether your post is accepted or not. It keeps you on tenterhooks and its frustrating.

3) Your Link will be shown in the first few lines of introduction before the post. In case, you are unaware this adds a lot of SEO benefit. Google gives more link juice to links that are hyper-linked in the beginning of the post rather that at the bottom. This is because traditionally links are put at the bottom when there are articles in a article directory- and spiders know that. So I was really glad about this point that my link was at the top.


1) Considering how authoritative ShoutMeLoud is, I expected a hell lot of traffiic. But I am sorry to tell you that my guest post hardly managed to get me 10 visitors. Now is this because of bad content quality – I don’t know. But I do not think that is that case.

2) I was really hoping that guest posting would earn me a few cents out of ShoutMeLoud revenue sharing program but again I was disheartened as I have not been able to get anything out of the revenue sharing program – yet!

All in all, you should post at ShoutMeLoud – it is a Page Rank 5 blog and it does have a lot of readers. But don’t think that you would have a tidal wave of visitors or your RSS subscribers will increase by a 100. It is still among the best blogs where you can put in a guest post.

16 thoughts on “My Experience of Guest Posting on ShoutMeLoud.Com

  1. Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your feedback about the guest posting at Shoutmeloud. I feel bad that it doesn’t drive traffic for you, else usually traffic falls out from many places, like original blog post, facebook notes, feedburner readers.
    Regarding acceptance time, there are few reasons which determine the time for publishing the post :
    1. No. of articles submitted earlier
    2. Formatting of the post

    Most of the time reason is part 2, specially when I have to make few changes to make the article more presentable, though it was not the case in your post.
    Anyway’s the traffic will keep coming to your blog, as I make sure to promote old articles via new articles and interlinking.
    Thanks for your post.

    P.s : Vivek while replying to comment on shoutmeloud, logging and replying will create a major difference. As you are the author of the post, and your comments will be highlighted 🙂
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..19 Best and Free Thesis Skins For Your Thesis WordPress Theme =-.

    1. Vivek Post author

      @Harsh: 😛 I will remember to log in from next time. I kind of did that spontaneously earlier!

    2. Lalit

      I myself write a post on shoutmeloud about how to get sms alerts for emails but I didn’t get traffic either! The reason I consider for this is that there are a lot of guest posts on shoutmeloud and due to a lot of interlinking, a reader would be confused on which one to click. Anyway, I wrote it for a backlink.

      1. Vivek Krishnan Post author

        HI Lalit,
        Same here…and I believe most of them do it for backlinks rather than traffic- not only on SML but any other popular blog as well.

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  3. shashank

    strange buut true…
    SML makes wonders for me!

  4. Arun

    Hello vivek, i have starrted a 100% adsense revenue sharing site similar to shoutmeloud, it is new though. But we pay regular writers up to 100$.

  5. Rajesh

    I am also thinking to write an guest article dere…
    thanks for providing ur review n information..

  6. ritesh

    hi vivek i am ritesh from htttp://

    i want a guest post from you for

  7. Cyracks

    I also personaly wrote as a gust on shout me loud but i never receive any inbox notifying me whether my post was approved or not. Now i can not even see the new post on my dashboard what can i do i contact the author of the site so still waiting for feedback

  8. Tushar

    I also made the guest post on the shoutmeloud. I didnt getting any traffic hardly I got 20 visitors from that site. But at least one link to your site from PR 4 is always good than traffic. 🙂

  9. George

    Frankly its the same case for all the blogs out there. Instead whenever i am guest posting a put a backlink to one of my posts related whatever i am posting there. Say if the topic is discounts, i’ll include a link to freebies here in the post and visitors sure click on it.

  10. Aditya Nath Jha

    Although you say that there are no major benefits, but I would like to try on SML. And on collegefallout too. What are the minimum requirements for guest post here ?


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