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By | 2012/10/27

Recently there have been a huge number of openings in social network companies. While it may seem that Facebook is ahead of the pack, viagra 100mg it can be difficult to get employed in it. At the same time, ask there are other social network companies that are offering employment chances. has listed its employment opportunities at Indeed. is a job search engine where employers can find potenital employees and people looking for the job of their choice can search for the same on their portal based on interest. is the single best source for finding everyone in your life and staying connected. MyLife currently has over 50 million members registered on their network and is getting 2 million new members registered every month. Which is a fairly decent traction considering the huge monopoly that Facebook has maintained in the social network sphere.

However, nurse Mylife is hoping for a differentiator with a powerful people search tool that will empower those in need to find anyone, regardless of years passed. Plus, they can also let you know who is looking for you! Also this site basically tries to integrate your personal and work life connections all at one place.

At, they have listed requirements for two positions. One is for a Lead Data Analyst and secondly for a Sr. QA Engineer, so if you think that you are looking for a job in the booming internet industry then you can probably look up this opportunity. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Their estimated revenue is $750,000 and have team strength of between 2-10. Which means that it is a company where you will enjoy huge responsibility for its growth as well as contribute significantly to its revenue figures. It might just be an excellent time for you to have a look at this opportunity to see if the company culture fits what you might just be after.

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