MySpace Surrenders To Facebook With Partnership Agreement

By | 2010/11/21

Myspace has virtually surrendered to Facebook with a partnership agreement. The partnership terms are quite clearly the last thing that Myspace should have signed up for. But the internet business is a weird world, try the Myspace-Facebook partnership sounds more like a joint party thrown by Manchester City and Manchester United – in other words, extremely improbable. Myspace and Facebook have been competitors since eternity.

Myspace Facebook Partnership

Myspace Facebook Partnership

The reason why this partnership agreement is more of a surrender rather than a partnership is:

  • Facebook users will now be able to push all their Facebook status updates to MySpace. So your Facebook stream will appear on your MySpace profile.
  • Now all existing MySpace users can “log in with Facebook”.

After these partnership Terms, TechCrunch humorously quoted –

“Now all MySpace has to do is figure out how to get at least some of those users to hang out at MySpace occasionally, not just at Facebook.”

Myspace Facebook Partnership

Myspace Facebook Partnership

The partnership was signed between MySpace CEO Mike Jones and Facebook VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing Dan Rose. The word is that MySpace was a little more than embarrassed that Facebook did not make someone more senior available for the event.

As soon as TechCrunch released an article over the “formal surrender ceremony” of MySpace, MySpace chief executive Mike Jones responded that it just reflects MySpace’s new focus.

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  1. Jasmine

    Just like what you said, the Internet business is weird! Haha… Facebook is the leader now in social media.


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