The Oracle Cloud DBA Certification Exam

By | 2013/09/19

Leaping ahead of the crowd with professional certification exams is a valid practice for those who truly wish to remain competitive in their field. Beta exams are an excellent way to accomplish this goal, site and the Oracle Cloud DBA certification exam (1Z0-028) is a perfect example.

This exam, medical which is currently only available in the beta stage, is actually associated with two different Oracle Certifications: (1) the Oracle Certified Professional, Cloud Database Administrator, and (2) the Oracle Certified Master, Cloud Database Administrator.

The current version of the 1Z0-028 exam is among the longest offered by Oracle. It presents candidates with between 150 and 225 questions, which means test takers must be extremely well versed in the subject matter in order to successfully complete the test. Testing duration is between two and a half and three hours, and the final passing score for the 1Z0-028 exam has yet to be set; however, despite this, beta testers are issued a unique certificate of accomplishment for adding to their professional credentials. This allows you to ensure that you are among the very competitive few in the realm of Oracle Cloud Database Administration.

In preparing for your exam, you will want to undertake as much field DBA work as possible in the focus area. Gaining expertise through hands on experience can be complimented by using self study materials, including practice exams in related disciplines available through sites like, for example. Online tutorials and formal training classes in related disciplines can additionally boost your performance on the 1Z0-028 exam, and test prep services that offer robust, dynamic exam engine resources are also beneficial.

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