Fallout 3 Named ‘Game of Year’

Fallout 3 has won one of  the most prestigious gaming award – Golden Joystick Award for ‘Game of Year’ went to Fallout 3. Whereas, one of the most popular games among college students and one man shooting fans – Call of Duty series won a hat-trick of awards. Call of Duty series was awarded the… Read More »

Boeing’s C-17 cargo Aircraft Manufactured Unnecessarily

Boeing’s Cargo mammoth C-17 is perhaps one of the last things you thought would trouble Barack Obama. The Real Issue Boeing’s C-17 cargo aircraft costs $250 million apiece. The Pentagon has stated that it has plenty of these C-17s and does not require more. But Barack Obama will have to think more than twice before… Read More »

Google Starts Music Service – OneBox

Google had implied that the words “Music” and “Lyrics” were among the top 10 searched words on the internet. To capitalize on this awesome market and defeat Apple’s monopoly which currently dominates the online music market with around 70% of worldwide sales, Google has released it’s on music service – OneBox. However, it will be… Read More »

Facebook Launches Virtual Memorials for Dead Members

Social website Facebook has gone a level above to connect to its members. Facebook will give options to members to create a memorial  page to its members who have deceased. The family members and friends are being asked to inform them on the event of death of a Facebook profile holder. Following which, Facebook will… Read More »

Nokia Seeks Royalty Income from Apple i-Phone

Nokia is seeking 1-2% of royalty income for each i-Phone that Apple has sold. The Finnish giants Nokia have accused Apple of “trying to get a free ride on the back of Nokia’s innovation“. With the percent of royalty income they seek, Nokia could be getting $6 to $12 per phone sold. With more than… Read More »