QueryAds: Latest PPC Advertisers on the Internet

By | 2009/11/28

As if PPC  advertisers like Google Adsense, price Adbrite were not enough – QueryAds has made an entry into a highly competitive market. Query Ads puts live search engine traffic keywords to work for advertisers – one difference being that they eliminate the usage of broad keywords, medicine more specific keywords are bid.QueryAds has a minimum payout of $50. Another advantage I found was that they accept PayPal. If you are an advertiser or a publisher, decease you can add and withdraw fund from QueryAds with your Paypal account. Currently, they are not offering checks.

Interested publishers can sign up for QueryAds, although I really doubt the level of interest that webmasters may have. They do not accept each publisher site immediately. QueryAds review each site submitted within 1-2 business days.

One nice feature I find is that advertisers can initiate campaign in QueryAds with only $10 as their budget. This will allow small scale bloggers like me to take leverage – if interested in promoting a blog with ads.

The remainder of the features remain all the same, you can customize the layout of your ad and all your ads will be keyword targeted. If interested you can join QueryAds as a publisher or advertiser here.

2 thoughts on “QueryAds: Latest PPC Advertisers on the Internet

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  2. anuj@thesis customization

    Do you have any idea where the traffic is coming from? With Adwords you know is from their search engine. But with smaller guys, that don’t have big search engines? What is the quality of such traffic? Though it might be cheaper, who knows if you get any visitors at all right?


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