Quick Sprout: Business Isn’t Fun

By | 2011/02/04

I was recently browsing through the Quick Sprout blog maintained by Neil Patel and there was this headline that caught my attention – Business isn’t fun. In the post, Neil talks about how business is not really something a person should get into if he intends to have fun. Now this post was pretty myth-busting because I really believed that business and entrepreneurship is something that was “having fun along the journey” stuff. This belief in me was further motivated by blogs and other entrepreneurs. Neil had something radically different to say.

So in the post Neil said that the following were the points why business isn’t fun:

  1. Business is stressful with all the hiring, firing, payrolls and finally figuring out to make money out of it.
  2. There are no fixed hours. No, not in the good way that you can sleep all morning if you want. But in the way that if you that it is possible that there are sleepless nights and long days with work hours that are unfair for a horse.
  3. The third point he touched upon was Job security. Well, no doubt about that it is definitely freaky to know that your next month is uncertain and so is the month after that. Considering the business failure rates are highest in the first two years.
  4. Your life will be complicated. No second thoughts in that.
  5. Even if you are making a lot of money, you will not find to spend it. Also a replacement will hardly be as efficient as you.

And frankly I was pretty much disillusioned at how right he was. Coming back to the point, the post was really educational. It was the harsh reality of an entrepreneur. The point especially where he says that even if you make money, you won’t find time to spend it was quite right.

In conclusion, Neil stated that the post was not intended to stop anyone from beginning their business. Instead it was rather a insight for people who wanted to start a business to have fun.

My thought from the post was that no doubt the above points are all true. But it really depends on the mind frame of a person whether or not he/she enjoys the entrepreneurial journey. What are your views on what Neil says about business? Let me know below.

One thought on “Quick Sprout: Business Isn’t Fun

  1. AudioVisualGifts

    Spot on indeed, not really fun unless you are lucky and have the pathways open to you that you require. Its a steep learning curve that some will never get to the top of, or do you ever get to the top?


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