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By | 2013/07/29

Registering a domain name can be a difficult task especially when there are few easy to spell and pronounce domain names left. That’s where people have to be creative or shell out some big bucks to register a premium domain name. You can find the cheapest domain name registration at This service actually gives you a lot of options for any number of keywords that may relate to your initial request. When you’re selecting a domain name and run into a creative wall, it’s important to remember some tricks to finding the right domain name and extension for your business or personal site.

You can think of a few keywords that describe your business, brand or personal blog theme. Using those keywords, you can type it into a domain name search and see what comes up. You’ll probably get a list of a dozen names or so.

Some things that you don’t want to do include using numbers or hyphens in your domain name. While it may seem like a good idea, you’re actually making it more difficult for people to speak your site and type it correctly. For example, if someone says,, people may wonder if it’s the number 1 or one. However it’s really up to you and your preferences. Some hyphenated sites are incredibly popular and it doesn’t matter that they have a hyphen because they’re still searchable.

You may also want to check out extensions in another month or two when ICANN releases hundreds of new gTLDs. You’ll be able to register domains with .baby, .lol, .book and possibly any other keyword you can think of.

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