Research Proves Early Retirement “Is Good For Us”

By | 2010/11/25

Researchers have found that early retirement may be good for your health. Their study of over 14,000 employees for France’s national grid shows giving up work at 55 comes as a great relief to most, cutting stress and fatigue.

Although the research has stated that people who totally stop working at retirement are at a are at greater risk of heart attacks, cancer and other major diseases than those who don’t completely stop working. People who  ease their way into retirement by taking a part-time job are the most benefitted.

People who continue working in a profession which is stressful for them continue to be at high risk for negative health impacts.

This research shows us the importance of doing what we love. Entrepreneurship allows you all the flexibility. It is about doing what you love with the creativity to make money from it and if you are successful enough, you can even retire young.

Early Retirement: Retire young

Early Retirement: Retire young

The problem with stuck in a job which you hate is that you force yourself to a job that your mind absolutely hates and has no aptitude in doing. Self-satisifaction and the feeling of well-being is one of the most important psychological parameters for a person and this is achieved by doing what you love.

There are many benefits of retiring young:

  • Doing things that you could not find time for before
  • Engage yourself more often in relaxing activities

The road block that people face with retiring young is that it is not financially feasible option. Because they may require money for the marriage of their sons/daughters, or simply sustaining themselves for the rest of their lives. To be financially free – it is very improbable that a 9-5 job can help you. It is only through a business of some kind that a person can hope to retire young.

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  1. Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Vivek,

    Wonderful article. Early Retirement will not only help us to live a peaceful life when we’re aged people, it will also gives more time for relaxing activities. Thanks for sharing an useful article.



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