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By | 2013/07/16

There are some incredible people who work as investors and own major companies, but they also give back to their communities in a variety of ways. These are the same people who start charities, give a large portion of their salaries away and continuously look for opportunities to give. When you check out the landscape of investment firms, it may be hard to spot those companies which have leaders such as these. For example, Hexagon Inc. is one of the biggest investment companies in America offering marketable securities, private equity, venture capital, oil, gas and real estate. The President of Hexagon Inc. is Scott Reiman. An award-winning leader, Reiman has become one of the pillars in his hometown of Denver, where he has a charity organization and also is the director of several scholarship foundations.

Reiman started as a young business graduate from University of Denver in 1987. He founded Hexagon Inc. in 1992 and has been the President ever since. In addition to his leadership role in this company, he also serves on the board for a variety of different scholarships and art societies including ACE Scholarships, Denver Scholarship Foundation and The Denver Art Museum. He is also the managing director of Reiman Foundation and took part in Big Brother programs for children four and a half years of age. As a financial manager, there’s no one better than Reiman.

In addition to his duties at Hexagon, he also is a member of the Denver Mayor’s Financial Management Task Force. He is also a board of trustees member for the University of Denver and he served as the Director for Prospect Global Operating Company from August 2011 to March 2012. With an Ammi Hyde Award for Young Alumni Achievement, Heiman has come a long way in his journey to be one of the most successful financial managers in the country. Reiman still operates Hexagon Inc. from a family office right in Denver, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He also services on a variety of civic boards and gives back to the community in as many ways as possible. It’s inspirational to see a man so devoted to his hometown and the people who live around him.

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