Seminar by Internet Entrepreneur Kiruba Shankar

By | 2010/03/23

Today, find Kiruba Shankar spoke for a seminar organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of our University. Kiruba Shankar is among the top Indian Internet Entrepreneurs. To state his achievements, sickness Kiruba Shankar is the Founder of the Blogging Business Pvt. Ltd., recipe he is also associated with Blogging Camp and organizing TED workshops in Chennai and India.

Kiruba Shankar Speaking

Kiruba Shankar Speaking

Kiruba Shankar is also the co-founder of F5ive technologies.

Kiruba Shankar talked on the “Power of Thinking Big“. He motivated the attendees to engage in entrepreneurship.

Myself Interacting with Mr. Kiruba Shankar

Myself (in grey) Interacting with Mr. Kiruba Shankar 😀

Just so that his talk never went dry. He was very quick to entertain us with his smart quips and intelligent humour. One of the most interesting quotes that he made during the day was regarding business and entrepreneurship:

In the corporate world it matters who you know, and in business it matters who you know knows.

Kiruba talked about his immense belief in the power of social media, he also explained what his company Business Blogging Pvt. Ltd. does. Business Blogging Pvt. Ltd. is basically a company which allows Indian companies/corporates in online reputation management. Club Mahindra has been one of their clients.

All About TED Workshop

Kiruba Shankar also talked about his experience of attending a TED workshop. In case, you are unaware what is TED. TED basically hold workshops in Long Beach, California where the worlds most awesome achievers come to speak. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton etc. have all been on their list of speakers. Each person who is interested in attending TED has a waiting period of 2 years. Also, each ticket is worth $6000 (approx. 3 lakhs). Even if you have the money to spend, the profile of each attendee is scanned for achivements. Only people of high repute and success are allowed to pay to attend TED. TED videos are among the most watched videos on YouTube.

What Kiruba Shankar is trying to do is to organize a small scale TED workshops in campuses around India. So that many students and other attendees can benefit from the program. He seemed to be an interesting person. He maintains a personal blog

How do you think my Mohawk hair style Looks from this angle? :-P

How do you think my Mohawk hair style Looks from this angle? 😛

As always, Hoping that You enjoyed this post!

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6 thoughts on “Seminar by Internet Entrepreneur Kiruba Shankar

  1. Kiruba Shankar

    Hi Vivek, thanks for the post. It was quite an interesting experience speaking with you all.

    A small correction. I’m a ardent wikipedian but with no designations.

    Look forward to seeing TEDxSRM happen.


    1. Vivek Post author

      @Kiruba Shankar- Really appreciate your visit sir! The correction has been made.

  2. Vivek Post author

    @Netchunks: Indeed, it was quite awesome meet him.

  3. Shashank

    Reading this article i have become a fan of Mr. Kiruba Shankar.Would like to know more about the TEDXSRM..

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