Should A Blog Use Pay-per-click Advertising?

By | 2012/11/12

In the growth pangs that many new bloggers face while trying to make a mark in the blogosphere, order many desperate attempts are made to drive traffic. While traffic essentially means money for bloggers – it is often queried whether a blog should try using pay-per-click programs. PPC programs are the easiest way to get traffic for the keywords that you desire and hence it is a lure for many bloggers.

However, with the growing competition on keywords for most keywords, paying per click can be costly especially if your business lacks ROI. PPC management is rather under-rated, it is not as easy as it might seem. A blogger is someone who earns on advertising and banner ads, unless you drive massive traffic it is very difficult for you to maintain a profitable blog by running a PPC campaign.

However, in businsses such as SEO companies, ecommerce websites and the like where there is a good margin on the product/service sold – running a PPC campaign is a sensible option. Because is these businesses there is a possibility of recurring income as well as high margins. In my personal opinion there is absolutely no sense for bloggers to advertise themselves using Google Adsense. A PPC campaign moreover requires constant vigilance where you need to control expenditure and optimize the spend for maximum conversions. So it is definitely advisable for online businesses to promote themselves via PPC advertising.

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