5 Super Tips to Engage an Online Audience

By | 2011/09/28

Engaging an online audience is like catering to five-year old children. Their attention span is almost nil and they have just too much interesting stuff to check out at other places. Why an audience should stick around your blog and engage with your blog community is a question that you need to answer to them. Hence, viagra this post on tips for engaging an online audience.

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Here are the 5 tips to engage an online audience:

Make your blog conducive to conversations

While interacting with all your commentators and getting their feedback on your article is important. At the same time, it is very important that you also promote conversations between readers. It need not always be you who is the single point-of-contact. The most effective way to really engage your audience is by promoting a conversation between them. For this your comment settings on the blog and the commenting procedure should be easy and conducive to discussions to happen.

Integrate with Facebook/Twitter

If you want to engage an online audience, it would also be a cool idea to integrate your blog with a community where people are already active. This can happen by integrating Facebook or Twitter community options in your blog. Fortunately, Facebook makes it really easy by providing the feature of “Like” boxes. While all your content can also be discussed at your blog, some of your audience may actually prefer to spend time discussing on Facebook. Give them a platform that they are comfortable with and you will find it easier to engage an online audience.

Render genuine help or small talk

When you get new readers or commentators, they are all humans who are looking for something. Try to find out what their need is, send them links that might help them. And yes, small talk may not be all that bad an idea. It is a very useful tool to connect with an online audience at an emotional level. Your community will be much stronger if you are able to emotionally involve your audience as people you speak with. Because what has happened is that although replying to comments on your article is still an effective way – many readers have started to realize that many blog masters do it for formality sake. Go a step further and try to actually know their lives.

Give your audience a voice

You need not always be the only person who talks on your blog, you know. Try to devise methods where your readers have a mouth piece as well. This is usually done by promoting a guest posting culture at your blog. Or you can make a post out of a readers comment and mention him/her. At the same time, you can also feature your readers blogs and discuss their views on certain topics.  This is perhaps the best way to promote a community culture on your blog.

Always surprise

The above points are all focusing on ways that you can engage an online audience by hearing them out, providing them conducive environment and providing them recognition. Now as the final point, I would like to suggest the fact that holding giveaways, contests and always having something new going on is one of the best ways to get and keep your online audience.

My final words are that let your audience grow with you, make mistakes, share your failures and your successes. Engaging an online audience need to not become a nightmare even in these competitive times. Let your community grow with you. These are in my view, five effective ways for you to develop your visitors slowly into a set of loyal and dedicated readers who are deeply passionate about the topics that are discussed on your blog.

3 thoughts on “5 Super Tips to Engage an Online Audience

  1. ngv tanks

    well,I see so many bloggers that miss out on great networking opportunities because they fail to engage in 2-way conversation through commenting. Big mistake.nice post

  2. Alison

    I think engaging your audience is central to the success of a blog long term. Thanks for the tips!


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