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Do Blogs Really Need An Advertise Page?

Do blogs really need an “advertise” page anymore? This is the question which popped up in my mind after a prospective advertiser used the Contact form to get in touch with me regarding advertising. You should know that I do not have an Advertise page on this blog. Because, an advertise page has data that changes almost every month and ... Read More »

10 Things That Stop Advertisers From Approaching Your Blog

This guest post was brought to you by Tom Walker who is a writer for an online store offering HP supplies. When he isn’t guest posting, Tom edits and writes posts about advertising and design for the CreativeCloud. In today’s world, it is all about the marketing. There are a number of standards that a website is required to live ... Read More »

A Crash Course on How to Advertise

How to advertise and market yourself as bloggers is an important question. But before we get there, we should see what are the best ads which the world has to offer. These ads are so effective that you would be compelled to be sold out. Here are some awesome ads: Can you market your affiliate products and your website this ... Read More »

QueryAds: Latest PPC Advertisers on the Internet

As if PPC  advertisers like Google Adsense, Adbrite were not enough – QueryAds has made an entry into a highly competitive market. Query Ads puts live search engine traffic keywords to work for advertisers – one difference being that they eliminate the usage of broad keywords, more specific keywords are bid.QueryAds has a minimum payout of $50. Another advantage I ... Read More »

Google Bans White Teeth, Flat Stomach Advertisers

If you browse the internet a lot, then you may have seen a lot of ads invading ad slots that promise stunning sparkling teeth and a super-flat abdomen – Not Any More. Google has stuck to its Do No Evil policy and banned all advertisers who violate Google’s Terms and Conditions to display such ads on the biggest advertising network ... Read More »

What is the Perfect Method of Monetization for Your Blog?

Whenever a dude wants to monetize his blog, the biggest issue they face is regarding the perfect method of monetization. They have affiliate links, cpm ads and cpc ads. Basically, any kind of Advertising they find under the roof. This is a very Incorrect and Unprofitable way to monetize your site. The reason for this is that when you have ... Read More »