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Top 10 Articles On Personal Branding

It is a good idea to focus on your personal brand. Most entrepreneurs have started realizing how important a strong personal brand can be for their businesses. Also, people who have a strong personal brand will hardly have to worry about recession or their company closing down. Because, a person with a strong personal brand will find buyers/audience/people to anything ... Read More »

5 Tips For Bloggers To Have Fun While Writing

For many bloggers, writing becomes a task do be done with rather than another opportunity to share something interesting with the world. This is one of the main reasons why most bloggers fail at blogging. When you are having fun while writing, it tells. This post is a bloggers guide to have fun while writing. “If it’s not fun, you’re ... Read More »

Why I Do Not Post More Than 2 Articles Each Day

The title of this post is quite self-explanatory- why I do not post more than 2 articles in a day. Since I began blogging on CollegeFallOut I have been able to get a good look of the competition around me and one thing which I have noticed about successful blogs is their number of posts each day. Popular and high-traffic ... Read More »

Post Drafts Are a Bloggers Asset

Post Drafts are a great way for bloggers to stay safe during their “Writers Block” phase. Every blogger has it and it is an inevitable phase. There are definitely going to be days when you just cannot write a single word no matter how badly you want to. At the same time, you will find that certain days it becomes ... Read More »

Articles and Adsense

Hi Guys, There seems to be no doubt that Google Adsense is getting harder. Even seasoned webmasters who once earned handsomely from the Adsense program are twitching in frustration. If you are an AdWords advertiser you would notice that Google has empowered advertisers with statistics very powerful. It has become quite easy for an advertiser to see which web pages ... Read More »

The Geek’s Guide to Being Interesting at Writing

I really do not consider my writing the most interesting piece of words that you will ever read. I do not know why! It may be because my writing has always been restricted to writing letters to the Electricity board or the Local Gas Agency. Whatever it is, it makes it really difficult for me to make my content magnetic ... Read More »