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Top 10 Articles On Personal Branding

It is a good idea to focus on your personal brand. Most entrepreneurs have started realizing how important a strong personal brand can be for their businesses. Also, people who have a strong personal brand will hardly have to worry about recession or their company closing down. Because, a person with a strong personal brand will find buyers/audience/people to anything that they do due to their popularity.

That being said, I scouted a bit over the internet. And here is a personally sorted list of the top 10 articles that I could find on personal branding.

Personal Branding 101: How to Discover and Create Your Brand -Dan Schwabel

Elements of a Personal Brand -Chris Brogan

Personal Branding Is Important, Like It or Not -GigaOm

The Brand Called You -FastCompany

7 Examples Of Kick-Ass Personal Branding – SocialMouth

The 7 Habits Killing Your Personal Brand -OutspokenMedia

Seth Godin’s 7-Point Guide to Bootstrap Your Personal Brand -Personalbrandingblog

Personal Branding: 5 Secrets of Success from Guy Kawasaki -BNet

Personal Branding -Steve Pavlina

5 Questions About Personal BrandingUS News

There is no doubt about the fact that one can easily achieve many of your personal and professional objectives by focusing on building a strong personal brand.

Blogging Tips

5 Tips For Bloggers To Have Fun While Writing

For many bloggers, writing becomes a task do be done with rather than another opportunity to share something interesting with the world. This is one of the main reasons why most bloggers fail at blogging. When you are having fun while writing, it tells. This post is a bloggers guide to have fun while writing.

Have Fun Blogging

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~ Bob Basso

Write About Topics You Are Interested:

This is the numero uno rule to enjoy writing articles for your blog. When you are interested in the topic you write, the research for it will not really seem like a lot of hard work as it will be a learning experience for yourself. This is one of the main reason why in this blog you will find that most topics are related to “blogging” and “entrepreneurship” – they interest me and I can obsess over them for hours without calling it work.

You Don’t Need To Follow All The Rules:

First off, in blogging their are really no rules. There are just a set of protocols that have been mentioned by pro-bloggers which have helped them make their blog successful. Neither is anyone going to grade you according to the format you have followed. My recommendation is to set your own rules of blogging. See what works for you, change things up a bit. Once you begin to step out of that invisible box you created for yourself, you will automatically find writing much more fun.

Blog at Different Venues:

Don’t have a fixed place for blogging. You can check into CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) or maybe TGI Friday or simply go to a nearby wi-fi zone with a garden to let your blogging energy flow. These days due to technologies such as 3G phones, Data Card and Laptops you can literally blog anywhere you please. Make the most of these and make blogging fun.

Avoid Perfection:

Not every article you write needs to be a masterpiece. You can write an article that is lessn than perfect and still make it viral. Many bloggers begin to hate writing articles because they try too hard to make it perfect – which takes a large toll on their time and effort. Perfection is a word that can bring you down. So try and avoid it.

Play Music, Reward Yourself:

You need not be very serious when you are writing, play some nice music that you enjoy in the background. This can really help you focus. Also, make it a point to reward yourself after a particularly long session of blogging. The personal reward can be something as small as a chocolate bar or an hour of sleep. Its up to you.

These are 5 tips to have fun while writing for your blog, instead of considering more of a work. Blogging is something that was earlier a stress-buster for many. But now it has become a hyper-competitive field. Take the competition and stress out and you will find that you have regained the true joy of blogging.

Hope you liked this post and let me know your comments below.

Blogging Tips

Why I Do Not Post More Than 2 Articles Each Day

The title of this post is quite self-explanatory- why I do not post more than 2 articles in a day. Since I began blogging on CollegeFallOut I have been able to get a good look of the competition around me and one thing which I have noticed about successful blogs is their number of posts each day. Popular and high-traffic blogs have been posting a minimum of three articles in a day. But I have been posting one post each day and at the maximum I have gone on to post 2 articles in one day. However, the reason for this is not that I am lazy to generate more articles per day. The real point for this is that I am consciously restricting myself to a one to two posts per day.

Here are a few reasons why I do not post more than 2 articles per day:

This Is Not a Tech Blog, CollegeFallOut deals with posts that are related to Internet Entrepreneurs, Blogging/SEO tips. The articles related to such a niche are a little more difficult to digest and are much more heavier on the readers. Although a reader would always like as much content as possible; an overflow of content in a single day can cause them to leave your site prematurely because of all that information your giving them in one go. It is always better to take it slow and easy when it comes to provding content to your readers. If you post one article in a day, here are a few advantages:

  • It has higher viraling potential
  • You are providing your readers time to chew on what you wrote thereby enhancing reader experience
  • You make sure each of your article is read

The last point is particularly important because if you have three to four articles in one day, you can be sure that your readers are either skimming through your content or have not read all the articles which you have posted. You cannot blame the reader as no one wants to read so much in one go.

If you are saying that blogs like TechCrunch and Mashable post almost 6 to 10 articles in a day, well to reply to this I would like to say that they are technology sites. Technology evolves fast- there is a lot happening in a single day itself. Moreover, content related to technology does not really require the reader to introspect – it is just reading and updating yourself.

So what is the number of article you post in a day? Do let me know below.