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7 Powerful Ways To SEO A Blog Post

This is an article that will teach you to search engine optimize your each blog post so you can enjoy higher levels of traffic. I am a big SEO enthusiast, I love the whole concept of link building, keywords and meta-tags. A good SEO campaign can do wonders for your sites traffic. Here I have discussed 7 powerful ways to ... Read More »

10 Brainstorming Techniques for Blog Post Ideas

Some days, the blog posts just keep coming and coming. Others, it feels like a mountain needs to be moved for each word. There are always topics to be discussed, but sometimes it takes your brain a bit of coaxing to free them. If you’re stuck, here are some brainstorming techniques to get you writing again. 1. 101 Thoughts: Place ... Read More »

Why I Do Not Post More Than 2 Articles Each Day

The title of this post is quite self-explanatory- why I do not post more than 2 articles in a day. Since I began blogging on CollegeFallOut I have been able to get a good look of the competition around me and one thing which I have noticed about successful blogs is their number of posts each day. Popular and high-traffic ... Read More »

4 Things to Avoid in Your Blog

Every bloggers has an ultimate aim of building up lots of readers and a loyal subscriber base. But to achieve that pinnacle is not easy, there are many things that you need to do in order to reach it. But at the same time you should also remember that things which you should not do or avoid when you blog. ... Read More »

How to Optimize Your Blog Post Titles?

There are many key points that a successful blogger employs when he frames a title for his post. For he knows that no matter how exquisite his post may be or how life-altering it may be for the reader, a poor title will ensure only one thing – that his post remains unread. Simplicity: This is one of the key ... Read More »

Have You Run Out of Ideas for Blog Posts ?

The blinking cursor on the blank screen can be a nightmare for most bloggers. They struggle to come up with topics to write for their blog. It is a mind block which forces them to waste a lot of time thinking of topics on which they can write about on their blog. Here are some ways in which you can ... Read More »