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5 Tips for Building a Successful Blog

We can all name a few blogs that would be categorized as huge successes.  But they didn’t get that way overnight.  Each blogmaster was very deliberate when it came to the steps they took that eventually got them to where they are now.  So, what can you do to put your blog on the path to future success too?  Use ... Read More »

CollegeFallOut Monthly Traffic Report October 2010

This is the first time that I am sharing the monthly traffic report for CollegeFallOut. I have seen that for some reason, people really dig it. So here you go. The blog has really improved in the terms of bounce rate. Until last month, CFO was averaging a bounce rate of 72% – which is quite unhealthy for any blog. ... Read More »

Do Blogs Really Need An Advertise Page?

Do blogs really need an “advertise” page anymore? This is the question which popped up in my mind after a prospective advertiser used the Contact form to get in touch with me regarding advertising. You should know that I do not have an Advertise page on this blog. Because, an advertise page has data that changes almost every month and ... Read More »

15 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Blog

Here are 15 tips to improve your blog instantly. These 15 tips will help you improve your SEO, design, traffic and quality of your blog in very less time. It so happens that we always have the scope to improve a blog to a level higher. No doubt, it takes time and patience but maybe these quick tips to improve ... Read More »

Are You Building Your Blog(s) as Assets Online?

When new bloggers begin blogging to earn money online, there is a very important question that needs to be answered – Are You Building Assets Online? Before we continue, let me tell you what is an asset exactly over here. Asset is basically an object that is profitable in nature. Basically, they are things that will keep pumping money for ... Read More »

Simple But Invaluable Tips on Branding Your Blog

Branding your blog, basically means creating a permanent awareness and recognition of your blog among the readers and other bloggers who are associated to your niche. Branding is a subject which has been over-hyped and has been considered more difficult than it really is. Decide between Using Your Name or Your Site’s Name: This is a dilemma which many bloggers ... Read More »

Interview with Internet Entrepreneur- Michael Dunlop- Income Diary

I just wanted to share this great piece of update with you. Robb Sutton from just got an interview with young internet entrepreneur Michael Dunlop. He is one of my most favorite internet entrepreneurs. Michael Dunlop teaches his readers how to be wealthy when you are young. Michael Dunlop is the blogger of the authority entrepreneur blog – Income ... Read More »