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5 Tips For Bloggers To Have Fun While Writing

For many bloggers, writing becomes a task do be done with rather than another opportunity to share something interesting with the world. This is one of the main reasons why most bloggers fail at blogging. When you are having fun while writing, it tells. This post is a bloggers guide to have fun while writing.

Have Fun Blogging

“If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~ Bob Basso

Write About Topics You Are Interested:

This is the numero uno rule to enjoy writing articles for your blog. When you are interested in the topic you write, the research for it will not really seem like a lot of hard work as it will be a learning experience for yourself. This is one of the main reason why in this blog you will find that most topics are related to “blogging” and “entrepreneurship” – they interest me and I can obsess over them for hours without calling it work.

You Don’t Need To Follow All The Rules:

First off, in blogging their are really no rules. There are just a set of protocols that have been mentioned by pro-bloggers which have helped them make their blog successful. Neither is anyone going to grade you according to the format you have followed. My recommendation is to set your own rules of blogging. See what works for you, change things up a bit. Once you begin to step out of that invisible box you created for yourself, you will automatically find writing much more fun.

Blog at Different Venues:

Don’t have a fixed place for blogging. You can check into CCD (Cafe Coffee Day) or maybe TGI Friday or simply go to a nearby wi-fi zone with a garden to let your blogging energy flow. These days due to technologies such as 3G phones, Data Card and Laptops you can literally blog anywhere you please. Make the most of these and make blogging fun.

Avoid Perfection:

Not every article you write needs to be a masterpiece. You can write an article that is lessn than perfect and still make it viral. Many bloggers begin to hate writing articles because they try too hard to make it perfect – which takes a large toll on their time and effort. Perfection is a word that can bring you down. So try and avoid it.

Play Music, Reward Yourself:

You need not be very serious when you are writing, play some nice music that you enjoy in the background. This can really help you focus. Also, make it a point to reward yourself after a particularly long session of blogging. The personal reward can be something as small as a chocolate bar or an hour of sleep. Its up to you.

These are 5 tips to have fun while writing for your blog, instead of considering more of a work. Blogging is something that was earlier a stress-buster for many. But now it has become a hyper-competitive field. Take the competition and stress out and you will find that you have regained the true joy of blogging.

Hope you liked this post and let me know your comments below.

Blogging Tips

Will Accepting Guest Posts Make Your Blog Lose Identity?

Guest Post is a concept that has become quite popular in the blogging-sphere. Despite the obvious benefits surrounding guest posts, there are many myths surrounding it. And one of the most feared myth by bloggers is  that blogs accepting guest posts lose their identity.

Some bloggers fear that having guest posts on their blog will cause their readers to unsubscribe. They justify this statement saying that most readers subscribe to read what the author of the blog has to say and not to read content written by third-party authors.This is a big myth regarding guest posts.
The fear of losing identity of your blog will only be present if you are insecure about your blog. Authors who run authority blogs also accept a lot of guest posts and continue to retain huge number of subscribers. Here are examples of such blogs:

  • – 24,471 readers (Publishes up to 5 guest posts per week)
  • – 11,478 readers (Publishes up to 7 guest posts per week)

The above two blogs accept so many guest posts and still continue to grow readership each day. This example is illustrative of that fact that accepting guest posts on your blog does not make your lose identity.

The number one deciding factor of the outcomes arising from accepting guest posts is the quality of the guest post articles. Few of the mistakes some bloggers do while accepting guest posts is that they do not proof-read them and check quality standards.

If you have a blog with a pretty good Pagerank then there are chances that you will be flooded with guest posts. So you need to be really selective while choosing which post goes online.

Accepting a lot of guest posts does not kill the credibilty of a blog. However, accepting guest posts that do not provide value to your readers makes them lose interest.

Guest Posting Is Good For Your Readers

It is good because they get a change from the usual style of posts. Each writer provides a new and fresh outlook to each topic. Guest posts are a refreshing change for readers and they will provide more value to your blog if chosen correctly.

Blogging Tips

12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging is a very rewarding profession. You get paid to share the knowledge and insights that you have. While there are many bloggers who are enjoying the huge revenue from their blogs there are also a class of bloggers who are really frustrated with their blog. No one is perfect but there are always mistakes that you can avoid while blogging. In this post I am sharing 10 blogging mistakes to avoid. Some of the points I have mentioned are my personal blogging which I try hard to avoid.

Not using your own domain name: Yes, it is free and easy to make use of hosted blogging platforms such as Blogspot and WordPress to start your blog. But you will regret it in the long run, especially if you start to generate some serious traffic. Most people who then decide to shift from Blogspot to WordPress self-hosted end up paying a lot of money to their engineer.

Not investing in your blog: Investing in your blog with both your mind and money. The most important part is to continuously educate yourself on becoming a better blogger. You need to be updated on all the latest trends and demands in the blogosphere. Secondly, you also need to put in some money into your blog eventually. This can be done by perhaps hiring a web designer or buying a new theme.

Writing poor headlines: It is really about time you begin to take writing headlines seriously. A lot of bloggers still squander hundreds of visitors just because of a lousy headline even though the post content is great.

Not interacting with commentators: To be really frank, you need not always make your blog a “do-follow” to encourage comments. Sometimes, if you simply focus on interacting with your commentators it can do the trick.

Thinking and not acting: Many bloggers end up analyzing all the successful blogs and reading all the great content posted. But it is important to implement the stuff that you learned. Simply thinking about it won’t make it effective. Action – is the important task for a successful blogger.

Not branding yourself or your blog: Just hitting your publish button and sitting back is a bloggers route to poverty. The real work and the extent of your success begins when you start work on establishing a strong presence online by leveraging social media such as Twitter. These are not only great tools for branding but allow you to generate good amount of traffic. Other basics of branding include logo, blog theme and a good author profile.

Having a poor posting frequency: Your posting frequency on your blog is really important. Not only from the SEO point of view but also due the fact that most readers lose interest in a blog that is rarely updated or updated erratically.

Blogging without passion: I will confess here that I have started a lot of blogs and very few have actually earned me any amount of money or recognition. After analyzing why some of the blogs get successful while most do not, I came to a conclusion – lack of passion about what I am blogging. Blogging just to make money online is a very weak statement for a good blogger.

Providing no value in content: If your content sucks, then the bottomline is that your blog sucks. Period.

No specific target audience: Every blogger should have a clear picture in his mind about the kind of audience he is catering to. Fans are created when you have a community of like-minded people and you should ensure that your audience is completely compatible with what you post on your blog.

Not managing your time well: Most bloggers have a little amount of time due to a full-time job or such. In that case, you need to be a very good manager of time. It is important that you do not end up wasting all your time obsessing over your site stats. Similarly, reading other blogs or browsing social sites should be strictly timed. Focus your time on promoting and writing.

Lacking Persistence: This is my final tip to you. If you are really passionate about your blog and work hard on it, then you are sure to get successful sooner or later. Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers who may have become blogging stars in a matter of months. Take your beat easy and persist. It may take you a little more time to be successful than others.

So what do you think about these 10 blogging mistakes you should avoid. If you have any more or even if you don’t – I would love to hear your comments.