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5 Tips For Bloggers To Have Fun While Writing

For many bloggers, writing becomes a task do be done with rather than another opportunity to share something interesting with the world. This is one of the main reasons why most bloggers fail at blogging. When you are having fun while writing, it tells. This post is a bloggers guide to have fun while writing. “If it’s not fun, you’re ... Read More »

Will Accepting Guest Posts Make Your Blog Lose Identity?

Guest Post is a concept that has become quite popular in the blogging-sphere. Despite the obvious benefits surrounding guest posts, there are many myths surrounding it. And one of the most feared myth by bloggers is  that blogs accepting guest posts lose their identity. Some bloggers fear that having guest posts on their blog will cause their readers to unsubscribe. ... Read More »

12 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging is a very rewarding profession. You get paid to share the knowledge and insights that you have. While there are many bloggers who are enjoying the huge revenue from their blogs there are also a class of bloggers who are really frustrated with their blog. No one is perfect but there are always mistakes that you can avoid while ... Read More »

Don’t Waste Your Time – Blog More, Think Less

I have always liked this two-faced personality of blogging. On the face, blogging looks pretty simple – write a few words as an article and post it. But as easy as blogging looks, it is among the most tedious and lonely jobs a person can opt for. In this cut-throat competition, bloggers are getting lonelier than ever due to the ... Read More »

5 Ways To Take The Trash Out Of Your Blog

I am sure the title is pretty self-explanatory. This is a basic blogging tip which explain bloggers the need to empty your blog from all the unwanted trash. If your blog carries a lot of unwanted baggage then it is automatically affecting the efficiency of your blog. To make sure that your blog is swift and responsive – which makes ... Read More »

Finding Inspiration To Turbo-Charge Your Blogging

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Rarely have people gone onto achieve something outstandingly successful without inspiration and being self-motivated. All individuals have the capacity in them to earn what they desire but the first step does not come without inspiration. Fortunately, the internet being what it is today – you will find no lack of ... Read More »